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Top 5 Most Popular Crops

The film "Beach": wonderful waters of Thailand

Leonardo DiCaprio was looking for the last paradiseNature and the beach, which did not go the foot of man. This is a delightful place: a bright blue sky, a mysterious line of rocks, turquoise water - reminds Eden paradise garden, in which they want absolutely everything.

The film was shot on the island of Phi Phi, in Thailand, andNear splashes the Andaman Sea. At the moment this beach is called "Di Caprio", it is precisely the actor who found and showed the whole world such beauty. Officially, of course, has another name - "Maya Bay". In the film there is no montage, the landscape is not embellished, here everything is exactly as we saw: fine light sand, coral reefs, clear water. Every person who loves diving, and just loves to have a good rest, must definitely visit this wonderful island.

The beach "Maya Bay" is a protected area, so you can not spend the night, you can only spend time as part of a one-day excursion, which you can get from Phuket and Krabi.

The film "Pirates of the Caribbean Sea": a separate beach Petit Tabago

We all know this film well. In one scene in the film, Elizabeth and Gekomokazakayutsya on a wonderful not very large uninhabited island. The most interesting moment was when they needed to give a signal and Jack and Elizabeth had to burn a bonfire from the world's precious reserves. The place itself, where this scene was shot, is not less interesting.

This famous beach is located on the island of PetitTabago. There, all the coast is strewn with pure white sand, and the sea is very warm and affectionate. On the island do not go crowds of moviegoers and tourists, this place is still a secluded paradise, which belongs to the state of Grenadines and St. Vincent.

How can I get there? Of course, by sea, St. Vincent. Due to the fact that the island is very far and can get there only by plane and ship, it is a mystery for civilization. Only the most courageous admirers of loneliness and unity, who are not afraid of the long journey and numerous transplants occasionally visit this place.

The film "Blue Lizard": romantic and dreamy Fiji

All the favorite film that was shot onUninhabited, wonderful, tropical island, is still popular. Do you remember how little Adam and Eve mastered there? The beach "Devil", which extends on the island of Nanua Levu, played in the film a huge role of the present natural scenery.

This amazing place belongs to the island of Fiji andis an integral part of the archipelago, which has a volcanic origin and is called Yasawa. On this island there are hotels and hotels, but the main part of it is covered with impassable jungle and unspoilt beaches. People who want to hide from the noisy worldly bustle must necessarily come here. Especially on this island like diving lovers. At the moment, people who are cuddling can arrange a chic wedding and spend an unforgettable honeymoon.

To get here it will be necessary to make several interchanges best to take advantage of the "Korean Airlines", but one can also fly from Japan and Australia.

The film "Casino Royale": a heavenly delight in the Bahamas

The most intense and memorable moment in onefrom the film masterpiece about Bond - the pursuit of the terrorist agent 007 and the love affair with his wife. Horseback riding, snow-white sand, surf noise ... What else can be so romantic and unforgettable?

The popular beach is in the capital of the Bahamasislands, Nassau. It is not at all surprising that this place is so beautiful, because it belongs to the hotel itself, which was recognized as the best in the world in 2009. Here rests all the rich of course, Hollywood celebrities, as well as just people who love the sights and simply can afford it.

How to get there? In the capital of the Bahamas you can get from Miami, and then by car to the hotel.

The film "Twilight": an outlandish beach for ghouls

Filmed this film in the US, in Oregon in Indianplyazhe.Imenno here under the sound of the surf revealed the secret of the main character, who fell in love with a vyunuyu girl. The film can be compared with the famous history of Romeo and Juliet, only in our time.

Photographers adore this beach, there are very beautiful sunsets and rassvettes, wonderful landscapes, a rugged coast line and a stormy wind.

In just one and a half hours, it is possible to get from Los Angeles to the Pacific coast, to the most surprising place that has become so popular with fans of the vampire saga.

Places that have become famous and famous,thanks to the movie a lot of money. People want to experience those emotions and impressions, which showed the characters on the big screens. Moreover, in fact, beaches and islands are as beautiful as in films.

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