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Roman curtains in the interior

From Roman curtains it is required that they not stronglyThey changed their location from the wind and were always in the form they were fixed, so thin wooden racks are inserted in the places where the strips are fastened, in addition, this construction adds decorativeness. Curtains are easily adjusted to the original, for this there is a mechanism with a rotating wheel, which shortens and extends them, and in the simplest case it is possible to pull the length of the curtain over the inside of the curtain with a lace. Whichever mechanism is there, it's very convenient, this method allows you to quickly establish the necessary length of curtains, depending on the lighting or time of day and create the right environment. It is worthwhile to note that in addition to the external design factor, there is also a practical side in this, it is the adjustment of room lighting, simple and affordable even for children.

The modern design is fully consistentAncient and thoughtful. One side of the material in the place where the fabrics are joined together is not sewn, there are wooden slats that can easily be removed. This will allow you to remove them very quickly and wash them, after that the slats will also be quickly installed back. It is worth recalling that the Roman blinds, given the design and used dense materials, can not be washed by a washing machine, even if you have the most gentle mode. In addition, stryayavruchnuyu need to monitor the water temperature, can not be washed in a very hot duct, as a rule, dense natural materials (linen, cotton) give a decent shrinkage because of this.

It is impossible not to notice that the Roman curtains haveA great combination of practicality and beauty, which is not always met. They are very well processed and absorb solutions that help protect them from burnout and prolong life. One more positive quality - dense materials very much collect a dust, accordingly ecological compatibility at a high level, such curtains it is easy to vacuum, without even removing. The dense material in combination with the wooden rails makes the construction stiff and convenient for caring for Nimin's weight. As already mentioned, linen or cotton - hypoallergenic materials and good in any room.

Modern vertical blinds clearly took theirThe beginning of the Roman curtains, they do not stitch together, but overlap and stiffness is given to them by a different design. However, Roman curtains create a unique and natural comfort in the room, they can not be compared to any other design.

Today it's easy to buy Roman blinds inReady-made form and pick, but it is worth paying attention to custom-made version of individual sewing for each individual room. If you think that this will cost you a lot, then you are mistaken, the very design of the curtains is simple and the work is not so complicated, therefore the sewing of Roman curtains will not be too expensive. By the way, even using a variety of fabric, it will need much less than for ordinary curtains, because you can use any strips. Therefore, to all the pluses it is necessary to add more and efficiency of Roman curtains, along with beauty, originality, ecological compatibility and practicality, is truly a rare combination.

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Roman curtains, perhaps, will suit any styleAnd the interior, they will emphasize it, and complement and decorate. They are original and simple at the same time, if you have an excess of pretentiousness in the interior, Roman blinds will dilute it with its simplicity, and if the style lacks originality and elegance, then here the Roman blinds will fix this flaw. Great for Roman curtains and for the classics, they also fit well into the modern interior, even if it will be minimal or high-tech.

It must be said that there are no boundaries for premises either,This is a universal solution, Roman curtains can be used everywhere. They will be very practical in the kitchen, where a simple curtain quickly becomes unusable, you do not want to use azhalyuzi, in addition, the appearance of the kitchen is greatly changed, and you will get rid of the usual curtains to the floor.

Roman blinds will perfectly adorn the windows of anySize, but it is not necessary to know which windows and how to use them. If the window is small or standard, you can hang the entire curtain. But if you have a window of a very large size or has access to a loggia, then it is better to make them in a number of parts and hang in rows.

For a harmonious combination, choose a colorRoman curtains under the color of your furniture, not under the fabric or wallpaper, namely under the furniture, then the combination will be perfect and you do not have to buy new curtains six months after repair.

Very good Roman curtains in the interior of ethnic style, and it does not matter which ethnic group of any country, they can be selected for any style associated with the people's or natural direction.

Perfectly fit Roman blinds in vintageStyle or retro, most often here materials are used with a non-bright horizontal strip. Very beautiful will look like such curtains, being with a blue and white strip, in a house, overlooking the pond or even more so the sea.

Today, the design of Roman curtainsIncredibly diverse, it is often possible to meet them among the scenery and the basic situation in theaters, especially children's, where they play the role of screens and screens for puppet shows.

Also you can safely use Roman blinds inAs a curtain of interior doors, firstly, it will be very convenient, and secondly, for this you can use more dense, diverse and colorful fabrics. So, you can do not only door curtains, but also improvised one-room partitions, you must agree, this is a very original solution, hang such a curtain instead of a part of the wall. It will also be effective in children's rooms, so that a small child does not damage his or her hands. Perhaps, with respect to the doorways, Roman curtains will also look good in any room, as well as on the main, their feature, conciseness and simplicity, they will not distract the attention, but at the same time make the interior original. Although the color solutions can be different and perhaps somewhere, such a curtain is designed to dilute with simplicity and brightness.

Roman curtains in the bedroom will create coziness andRomantic furnishing, you need to carefully approach the choice of colors for the bedroom, preferably the finely restful colors, such as beige. It is worth paying attention to the decoration for such a curtain in the bedroom, adding ruches around the edges or other decorations, which, by the way, should be borrowed from the oriental style. In the end, it will be an original decision to add a veil or other light decorating fabric to Roman curtains, like an element of oriental style.

If you decorate a winter garden, then here you are notGet by without the curtains of the curtains, which will easily cover the greenery from the bright burning sun, and the moment you can fully open all the windows and give a natural light. Of course, in such a room with large windows and lots of Zelenyrym curtains will be an ideal design complement.

Very stylishly will make in a large living roomRoman curtains in two rows, one after another. The first row will be made of transparent and lightweight fabric, the second one, like a dense one, like drapes. It is important to correctly combine the colors of both rows and elements of the interior, usually light on top, dark second row.

The most important thing is that with Roman blinds you can not spoil the house's interior and the impression in general, the main thing is to choose the right color combinations, of course, it is important to have a sense of style.

If you have a country house, or an apartment with a beautiful view outside the window, then Roman blinds will suit you.

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