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Interior in Indian style

In order to create an interior in IndianStyle, you need to pre-think all the details, colors, choose furniture and decorative elements. It is very important to adhere to a single key, and furniture is better to use from natural materials. In general, creating an interior in Indian style, remember that all materials should be natural, no plastic - this is not a high-tech, but an authentic national style. Much attention in the Indian style is paid to the artists, drawings and paintings on the walls. Modern variations of this style, created by designers, can differ from the classical designs - lighter colors can be used here, and there may also be symmetry that did not exist in the classical Indian interior. You can boldly assert that such a style is chosen by bright, not complex individuals who have their own philosophy of life and are ready for radical changes in their lives.

Features of Indian style

A feature of the Indian style is the applicationNatural materials imebeli of those, as well as decoration in bright colors with a variety of shades. In this style it is good to use bright textiles, handmade carpets of Sindi motifs, wicker furniture, furniture from natural (better dark) wood, a combination of arched doors and niches in the walls. It is very important when designing an interior design in the Indian style to pay attention to the texture of materials that will be used.

Traditionally, walls in Indian style can bePainted in one color - it can be a warm shade of terracotta, peach or chocolate. Also acceptable is the gluing of walls with vinyl battles with a thematic ornament. As a variation, the walls can be pasted with textile wallpaper that mimics chic fabrics. The color scheme, as already mentioned, should correspond to warm and juicy tones. On the walls, ornaments or drawings with the same theme can be painted.

Floors in Indian style should also beNatural. Traditionally, they are wooden or they are lined with stone. This was due to the fact that India is very hot, and the stone floor is quite cold, and therefore is the optimal option for local residents. So, given the variety of modern materials for laying floors, you can use parquet flooring, laminate, marble another stone. The color of the floors should be dark, preferably brown or gray if a stone is used.

The ceilings in the Indian style are traditionally coveredBright ornament, they can also be woven from cloth. After a while, the fabric had the property of burning out and getting tired, then it was replaced with a new one. In modern Indian style, it is preferable to use stretch ceilings, which will necessarily make the whole interior more expressive. The color of the ceiling must be chosen in accordance with the color of the walls, it is very important that they harmonize with each other, and there was no sharp transition.

It is also very important to use accessories. They will create the style that you would like to achieve. As you know, the essence of this or another design is manifested in small things - in this case in accessories and miniature details. You can buy or sew a few colored pillows, put on the tables elephant figures, as well as decorate the room with decorative incense sticks, floating candles, bamboo umbrellas, Buddha figures.

Indian style in the bedroom

The Indian style of the bedroom interior is a flight forYour imagination as a designer. The bed can be made entirely from natural wood, and with the addition of forged elements, especially at the head of the bed. It is very important that the bed is also chosen in accordance with the conceived style of the interior. So, the bedspread and pillows can be woven from natural materials of bright colors, silk or dense cotton. In the bedroom you can put the traditional Indian furniture for the dressing table, made of wood and linen. Special place in the bedroom should be given to lamps that can be native Indian and create the necessary atmosphere in the room. It is also important that the closet is built on the model of the window shutters - it is these boxes that are considered Indian and can be used to observe similar styles in the interior of the bedroom.

Indian style in the living room

The main object and mainstay of any living room, includingNumber of Indian, is a sofa. It can be antique, solid, made of wood and sheathed. Carved wooden legs of the sofa and armrests - this is exactly what is necessary for recreating the Indian style in your living room. It is very important that the living room is bright and completely ready to receive guests. Place in this room you can also woven furniture, for example, a few armchairs and a magazine. As for the additional elements of the decor, it can be a vase with interesting pictures, plates hung on the walls, as well as braided sconces and floor lamps. Flooring in the living room is better covered with laminate or put a cover of natural wood. From above it will be appropriate to put a soft carpet with the help of sketchings. In general, the living room should be spacious, but at the same time cozy, and create the impression of an intimate atmosphere. This can also contribute to burning incense and aromatic candles.

Indian style in the kitchen

In fact, the kitchen in the Indian style can beIs framed in the same color gamut as the other rooms in your house. Be sure to pay attention to the harmonious combination of bright colors and a pastel calm background. The table in such a room should be low of natural wood, and the standard chairs should be replaced with sturdy wooden puffins trimmed with a bright upholstery fabric. The dishes should be porcelain or metal with chasing. In general, the main thing in decorating the "Indian" cuisine is the use of natural materials. Vegetative elements, bright and deep colors.

Indian style in the bathroom

Bathroom can be decorated in a littleAnother color scheme - it can be a combination of beige and sand tints with any variations of bluish. From the quality and durable tiles you can lay out a national pattern or the image of an elephant, which is considered sacred in India. Additional elements can be woven or bamboo baskets, wooden doors, muted lights. If the bathroom has a window, then be sure to choose for it the bamboo blinds. Very well in a room like this will look like a round or oval bath, but not white, but at least sandy or beige.

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