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Style of kitsch in the interior

The main position of the style is all sorts of ridicule over the departed traditions and they manifest themselves in every detail of the decor.

But when carrying out repairs, it is worth remembering,that in this style it is worthwhile to stick to a certain direction, because you can make the interior not beautiful, but, on the contrary, ridiculous and ridiculous. Do not be too strong in hermits, let your protest show all the elegance and beauty of your taste. Also, avoid complete tastelessness or too intrusive colors. If you bring the house in complete disharmony and vulgarize it, you will hardly be able to live in such a room.

A distinctive style of kitsch

First of all, this blending of several styles intoone. So on the same territory will be used different styles and their thematic components. Details can be priceless and country, and classics, etc. the most interesting is that kitsch is an interior made with a share of bad taste. Professionals and designers call this the style of the parade of what is monumental.

Generalcuts for interior decoration

The design of the kitch style is simpleand unpretentious process. That is, you can take almost everything or what you have at your fingertips. For example, you can bring "stucco" with "gilding" of foam, picture frames made for bronze, cabinets cut by a tree and other types of fakes. But as a rule, the owners who create such kinds of kitsch are sure that these details speak about a beautiful and rich life, and also create an impressive effect responsible for a rich and luxurious life.

Parodiacles can be expressed in different ways. So you can perform the interior, not only by combining fakes with rich things, but vice versa. A parody can consist of poverty and rudeness. Many people prefer to make various drawings on their walls. In the interior, there may be other items: polyethylene curtains, furniture from a dump and self-made decortiched partitions.

Eclecticism can manifest, as well as anywhere, because it is quite interesting to look at the narrow gothic windows on which blinds are hung.

Finishing room - living room

If you are going to devote your homeProtestant style, you will need some quick advice on the construction. The living room can be decorated with a large number of inexpensive, and sometimes cheap trinkets. It can be a variety of pictures or toys, add a couple of statuettes.

If you pay attention to color, then know that inKitsch is a secondary matter. The priority is in the maximum approximation to disharmony, then one should not think about whether the color of the parquet is suitable for the color of the walls or the ceiling, and so on.

Bedroom style kitsch

If you are a creative person and want to showthe full force of the flight of his thoughts and fantasies, the finishing of the room in the style of kitsch will be for you an indispensable means in achieving the goal. Here you will be able to express yourself and feel comfortable and safe, not respecting the generally accepted framework.

If you are an artist, then you will be able topaint your abode and draw a few pictures. A good option will be a picture on the ceiling, which you love most: waking up, the first thing you will see is your masterpiece.

If you write poetry or prose, etc., take a few frames and put in their inserts with the words of famous people or your own, which you would like to see every day and not forget.

Musicians will be interested in the option of addingmusical equipment on the walls. But you can deal with a more optimal option: buy a few statues or souvenirs in the form of a musical instrument and arrange them on the shelves in the order of the best.

Even if you are not directly related toart, but you feel the zeal of an attraction to a similar channel, then you can come up with your own special Vidin terrier. The essence of kitsch is that your kind of house can not be repeated otherwise, that is, you automatically become unique in this matter. And the best place to realize your desires in life can become a bedroom. Make it so that you feel comfortable in it.

Spare aerodrome - cabinet

If your family does not understand and does not recognize thisstyle, find another way out. Each person of creativity and every person who has talent in this or that area must have a secluded place. Even in cases when there are very few square meters, and your office is very strong, you can take action. Take the boards of the fiberboard and make a kind of partition in one of the corners of the bedroom. There you can put one solid wall and you can make the second one with beautiful notches in the form of shelves. On them, put on flowers, various souvenirs and ornaments. And the zone inside will be your office, where you can put a small computer desk or something else.

Worth knowing!

But remember that feeling comfortableit will not be possible for every person to feel in such an atmosphere, if you decide on such a move, then make sure that it is right for you, as it is your main habitat. To do this, you can see photos with already executed kimonch-style renovations or consult with professionals.


As it was said earlier, the style of kitsch -which denies all aesthetics. But not always this style is associated with the manifestation of irony, on the contrary, everything that is performed in the interior is a conscious and serious step. The process can be called a shocking mockery of the poor and the rich.

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