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Interior in the Venetian style

This style is very popular today with those people,Who are engaged in the design of the interior of his house. Luxury, rich materials, rich colors, good and pretentious furniture, extended space - these are the characteristics that are typical of the Venetian style in the interior. Its roots go back to the 15-16th century, when Venice experienced an era of its heyday and tried to show its wealth, power And broad financial opportunities. The Venetian style in architecture and design has since been associated with luxury and wealth, which is why when applying it in the interior design of your house, you should be prepared to follow the traditions and use only expensive finishing materials, chic furniture and luxurious design elements.

Features of the Venetian style

Each style in interior design has its ownThe characteristic features of the peculiarity that distinguish this particular style and distinguish it from others. The Venetian style is universal in terms of colors and shades that are used, but it has a lot of other features and distinctive features, among which are certain requirements for materials, decorations and floors, and Also the presence of certain decor elements. If we talk about the basic features that the Venetian style possesses, the following features can be related to them:

  • This style is ideal only for spacious premises - big houses and apartments.
  • The main materials to be usedWhen decorating a house in the Wvenens style - it's marble, ceramics, mahogany, as well as other decorative elements and materials, from which it simply flaunts with wealth. Appropriate use of Venetian plaster.
  • The color scheme of the interior, typical for this style - is the shades of deep and rich colors using gold plating.
  • Furniture should be voluminous, carved, only from natural expensive materials, for example, from a quality wood, upholstered in luxurious materials - velvet or silk.
  • For walls, you can use not only Venetian plaster, but also wallpaper made in the Baroque style.
  • In the interior design in the Venetian style, mirror mirrors, candlesticks or antique candelabras, tapestries, expensive chandeliers of Murano glass should be used.
  • The use of a mosaic in the interior of the bathroom is one of the main Venetian style directions.
  • Floors should be stone, preferably in marble (you can use decorative materials) - this is one of the main features of this style.
  • Venetian style combines several other styles - classical, European, Baroque, French, Gothic and some others.

Venetian style in the living room

This style should be properly beaten inLarge and spacious living room. The colors that can be used are absolutely different, the main thing is that they give the room a rich look. In the living room you can lay marble or ceramic floors, and decorate the walls with Venetian plaster. Very often the wall in the Venetian style uses wallpaper or wallpaper with patterns in this direction. From the furniture, the sofas made of natural wood with cut-off legs and backs, for which upholstery made of luxurious fabrics-silk, velvet is ideal. Also in the living room can stand a massive cabinet from a natural tree, with carved panels and ornaments. The Venetian interior of the living room is beautifully complemented with luxurious tapestries with reproductions of paintings by Italian artists. Be sure to hang curtains in the living room - these can be both classic variants and Venetian blinds having a vertical-longitudinal direction. Among the details and small elements of the interior can be called the following - floor vases, statuettes, antique gold watches, antique candelabra, Venetian masks, glassware - all this will complement the Venetian interior and make it closer to the present.

Venetian style in the bedroom

The Venetian bedroom can be both light, soAnd in muffled half-dots. The main piece of furniture in the interior of the bedroom is, undoubtedly, a bed. It should be made of natural wood, large-scale carvings and a headboard are welcomed. An additional effect of the interior gives bed linens and blankets, which complement the image of the room as a whole. Be sure to make sure that all the elements of the design are harmoniously combined with each other, and the color of the bedspread corresponds to the style of the bedroom. Also in the bedroom you can put an antique chest of drawers made of natural wood, a couple of padded stools, and also hang a large mirror in a luxurious frame. Forged bronze in general can "fit" into such an interior, and therefore add a few elements from bronze and into the bedroom. In general, the Venetian style in the bedroom - this is a set of lampshades, covers, mirrors, paintings and bright colors.

Venetian style in the kitchen

Kitchen in the Venetian style is very similar toClassical cuisine, but here the fantasy of the designer can go much further. The main thing in this kitchen should be a table - large, beautiful, massive and always made of natural wood. The table should have chairs made of wood with high-quality and expensive upholstery. The elegant and relief furniture is the main distinguishing feature of the Chertavecian style in the kitchen. Lightness and freedom are the main motto of the cuisine of the Wvenensian style, and silk and velvet are the main upholstery materials that can be used to create a style of cuisine. Windows in the kitchen should be high, welcome curtains and beautiful massive cornices. Lighting devices in the kitchen can be made of glass, similar to Murano. It is very important to observe the harmony in the combination of colors, and also in keeping with the style, although it is very universal and combines several directions, yet it also has its own distinctive features.

Venetian style in the bathroom

In the bathroom it is better to make walls in blue andBlue shades, and the bathroom must have a non-standard appearance, color and shape. It can be a round or oval bath with a shade of gilding. Walls and ceiling, as an option, can be painted with a mosaic - for this use all your imagination. A plumbing is better than the color of gold. Furniture in the bathroom should also be large enough and made of natural materials.

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