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Modern interior in bungalow style

It is worth noting that the rooms were locatedrather compact. Typically, the layout was as follows: around the living room, a bathroom, a bedroom and other rooms lined up. The decoration of the premises was mainly carried out with the help of natural materials, in most cases a tree was taken.

Design work

When decorating the interior of the bungalowThe designers always take into account the unspoken rules, such as laconicism and simplicity. Furniture should be light and made of straw or bamboo. So you can achieve the effect of space-free space and leave a feeling of fullness with the air.

Colors in the style of a bungalow

When solving color questions, they are usednatural colors and motifs. It can be a bright yellow color that mimics the sun or white according to the prototype of sand, but blue fits well-it serves as a symbol of the sky. Not the standard colors will be appropriate. For example, purple or maroon.

Materials for bungalows

If you created the impression that the bungalow -this is a limited style, then it is not. Nobody forbids adjusting to the present framework, so the interior is allowed to use modern materials. So you can create a unique image using metal or plastic. But at the same time, take into account the fact that the products should be simple in appearance and shape, so as not to concentrate the attention of the population. The whole composition should be simple and unobtrusive. This applies to furniture, and decoration items, as well as finishing materials. Remember that even the objects themselves, despite the fact that they should be simple, there should not be too many to not create clogging effect.

When you choose the material, give preference tonatural materials and it is best to buy handmade work, if it is accessories, household items or furniture. If at least one of the items becomes the fruit of your creativity (whether you made it yourself or ordered it on your own model) - it will become an original and relevant element of the decor.

Designing a room for guests

If you want to surprise your guests with new andelegant style direction, then you should familiarize yourself with the principles of creating a bungalow. So, decorating the windows, remember that this style uses either heavy curtains or rough fabrics. But there are other types of curtains, which are sewed from light and air materials. That is, here you can independently determine the choice depending on taste preferences. If you are not an adherent of curtains, then replace them with blinds: keep the coolness of summer in summer, and also warmth and comfort in winter. Unfortunately, conventional plastic blinds can not be used here, because they are too modern and do not fit into the general atmosphere, for such a case, a wooden base will suit. Blinds made of quality wood will look natural and a bit exotic.

With the windows the picture is clear, let's now arrange the floors. As you probably already guessed, the floor is also made on a wooden base. If you want to achieve the effect of a bungalow, but at the same time do not want to go too far into antiquity and thus move away from the present, use reasonably alternative options. For example, a wooden carpet can be laid on a carpet or simply a large carpet.

Next, let's talk about the walls. There are fewer problems, since any material can be used for their repair. You can take both shpaklevku, and wallpaper, and plaster and even the interior paint.

When the appearance has already acquired similarities withstyle bungalows can be dealt with details, but accessories. So you can come in handy different types of architectural elements that will be made of 100% natural materials. For example, the living room, which we now visually decorate, well sheltered on its territory brick fireplace. Let it be easy and uncomplicated, this will give it a great similarity with those times.

Who is this style for?

The style direction of the bungalo correspondsrural and even rural way of life. Here you will not see the second or third floor, no luxury, but on the contrary, everything is doneconcludedly, strictly, clearly and simply.

By the way, this approach built into acquire more and more popularity among the newcomers, since the absence of surplus simplifies the construction process: so you do not need to spend money on the completion of another floor and of course, in winter it will be easier for you to heat the premises, and the housewives are always easier and quicker to clean and so on. In such a house it is easier to communicate and fix them in the necessary metas.

It is worth remembering and not very pleasant moments. So in the event of a fire, you can jump out of the windows and run out through the doors, while not being afraid of heights.

The style of the bungalow is designed for people who want to reunite with nature, silence and cosiness at least in their own room or at home.

Interesting Facts

The bungalow, like the rest of the style, has its owndistinctive features. For example, in this style, only the horizontal direction of the lines is used. You will not find a vertical direction in the Bungalow, but only in some cities, such as Sacramento, Seattle Vancouver in British Columbia, the bungalow can have a high foundation.

Bungalows that used to be considered and acceptedin the role of home, which is designed for proximity to nature, later it was built in cities and suburbs. But this could not spoil the original idea, and the style of the bungalow is still pristine and unrepeatable. And to date, bungalows are associated with the village population. Ideal - when you have a large number of colors and you can afford to put a lemon, orange or other tree with fruits in your house, that's how you will get the amazing views of your own garden.

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