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Pop art - style of interior

History of style

Pop art is a surge of emotion.From the moment of its appearance, it is called to be stunning, as well as shocking the masses with their own traditional design. The spirit of the era was expressed in those aspects in which consumers and the masses needed.

Features of the style of pop art

Pop art - one of the most interesting styles hasA lot of features, and sometimes strangeness. The given interior has practically no borders, since the distributions created in space, between the floors, walls and ceilings, as it were, are blurred. If we take as an example the design of a small room or a small apartment, then pop art stylists will pay attention not to the whole room as a whole, but to its individual details.

Kitchen decoration

"Favorite" color style pop art-white. You can visually increase your kitchen with white color. But it should be added and contrasts, as well as various shades. It is worth knowing that the riot of colors that will be applied on a white base - will refresh the rooms and give an unusual look to your interior, but they can also become vasutomitelnyh (for sight including) and very quickly get bored. Before you start over-thicken the colors, make sure that this is exactly the kind of design that suits you.

When you decided to make Shagna a meeting of pop art,Then to muffle a too multi-colored appearance you can take more dim colors or ask designers to do the work with the fewest colors used.

Next, you need to consider that the walls will not only bemulticolored, but also multifactorial. That is, you can combine some parts of the kitchen and paint and wallpaper. But the wallpaper is usually that have the effect of optical illusion: the picture then appears, then disappears. This is a good option, in places where you will have attached shelves you can glue such wallpaper. This option will help guests and surprise you, and at the same time refresh your interior.

The most vivid example of the style of pop art will be luminous dishes.


The bedroom needs to be thought through, in the first place, withceiling, as you will see it every night and every morning. In pop art, there are many interesting options. One of them is the use of a different-level technology. So your bedroom will acquire a kind of raznourovogo ceiling using asymmetrical niches and color illumination.

Walls can be made by typing a beautiful and expensive magazine: to give them gloss and shine.

The floor is best covered with ceramics, the pattern of which will be chaotic. To warm it in winter, lay a carpet with rich colors and ottenkami.

Living room

When decorating the living room, remember that the style of pop art- this is the kind of design that rejects excesses. So in the case of furniture, do not buy massive sofas and a large number of chairs. You can do with extraordinary seats, etc.

Pop art is a gloss and a scintillating color findsIts use not only on walls, floors and ceilings, but also on objects of everyday life. So the furniture of the usual and standard type can be replaced with rounded puffs idivanchiki. They can be performed with applying unusual forms of female forms or with the guises of your favorite characters (cartoons and stuff).

Let the central subject of your living room will be a small table made of a bright plastic.

Put in the living room as possible more interestinggizmos. Let it be various rugs with abstractions and bright colors, pictures and small sketches attached to the walls and arranged on the shelves, mottled textiles or chrome leather and plastic accessories, such as figurines, photo frames, watches, vases, candlesticks, lamps and so on.

children's room

Of course, pouffes with the shapes of multiplatformheroes - this is the first thing that must be present in the nursery. There are also other items that will amuse your child and his friends. Adding a room for children is one or several (in accordance with the volume of the room) tables. Even if you did not find the right one, take the most ordinary and white table in white and decorate it with a self-adhesive, colorful ribbon or other substances. You can buy ready-made cuttings to glimpse them or to invent something along with the child: from him an idea, with a material, and the implementation of a joint.

In order to save a place and leave formaximum more space for children's games, immediately refuse from any cabinet furniture. In this case, a successful replacement will be built-in furniture. Order a built-in wardrobe or if you have the appropriate abilities, do it yourself. When decorating a wardrobe, do not forget that the children are made in the style of japop art, that is, add stickers with comic strips, you can attach posters or graffiti, and niches will look good with spydums.

If you gave your house to the designer's hands, thenbe prepared for the fact that the favorite themes of masters are copying different objects, but the specialists give them an unusual appearance: they change shapes, proportions, scale, and so on. Collages and stencils are also made.


Relevant stylistic direction will be the installation of a pink toilet bowl - this is not only interesting, but colorful.

In order to create an interior in the bathroom you needtake the most common, and you can even have old furniture, for example, not a new bathroom cabinet for a long time. Next, color it in different colors and add a few extravagant details of the decor. Do not be afraid to manifest a fantasy or something else, even if your ideas are not there, see the photos of the finished products in the style of pop art.

House under pop art

But not only the bedside tables, but the curtains and muchanother can be done by one's own hands. Curtains can be made from pieces of cloth, pictures with labels, "mirrors" from disks, etc. you can think of your own special ways of decorating, the main thing is to create a creative, but this does not cross the line between creativity and the usual gathering of things that are packed together.

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