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Resorts of Egypt

A wide range of different kinds of resorts, enjoyGreat demand all year round. Teplomore, scorching sun, endless fun, interesting excursions - this is only a small part of what you can provide at very democratic prices. One more, perhaps, very weighty argument in favor of Egypt, is the lack of the need to issue a visa. What places are most popular? Rest on the northern coast, the indigenous people prefer, in this way, avoiding the bored, urban bustle. The Red Sea, as well as the Sinai Peninsula itself - is a hit among ordinary tourists. But nevertheless, the popularity of the beaches of Alexandria is also increasing.

Sharm El Sheikh

Perhaps, one of the most popular and oftenVisited resorts of a sunny country. It has a favorable situation: from the southwest it borders on the Ras Mohammed marine park, which is a paradise for divers of the whole World; In the north-east - Nabq Park. Another neighborhood with the same name in the form of the Sinai Mountains and the Red Sea itself. Here you will get everything that you expect from a busy holiday. Sharm el-Sheikh is divided into the opposite regions along the coast. Each of its parts has its own purpose: here are the old markets, so rich in souvenirs, spices and other things that are loved by tourists, also Bedouin cafes, places for rest and simply historical buildings. Further Hadab - the beaches of this area are some of the best. Here you will find a variety of brand shops, water parks, dolphinariums and well-designed promenade zones. El Mercato has a more entertaining purpose: it is here that the famous center "1001 Nights" and the best club "DolceVita" are located. The unofficial capital of Sharm El Sheikh is an area called Naama Bay: rich infrastructure, well developed tourist aspects: hotels, shopping centers, clubs, cafes and much more. All this is complemented by cozy beaches and direct access to the sea. Sharm El Sheikh can truly be considered one of the most functionally developed and vibrant resorts of the camp of the pharaohs.


The second official title of this resort isThe name is the queen of the east coast. In truth, it's not just words, but a real statement. Hurghada has united all the best. She grew up from a small village and went to a big city, which today has several districts: Sakkala, New Hurghada and Dahar. Here you will find hotels of different kind of "star", which to some extent satisfy your individual as well as material requirements. If you love not only ordinary rest with standard procedures, but also are interested in the history of the visited country, a stop in Hurghada will be the best option. Since it is this population closest to the popular pyramids of Giza, as well as the territory of Alexandria Luxor. Hurghada is the best place for a big family vacation. Here there are fine sandy beaches, quick access to the sea and the absence of a coral bottom.


Speaking of Egypt, to miss Cairo - it would be the mostA great sin. It's no secret that this city, which is the capital of Egypt, has become a kind of Mecca for tourists. But despite its popularity, it can not be called bulwarks and tranquility. Cairo, in the first place, plays a great historical role, which is why it will be interesting for those who like to see everything with their own eyes, and not from pages of geographical atlases and historical books. This citywas embodied in different time epochs: here the modern infrastructure is quietly getting along with the ancient sights. In Masra (this is exactly the name of the indigenous Egyptians) is a very democratic atmosphere, compared to other Arab countries, which is why many tourists will feel familiar. For those who are not afraid of megacities, Cairo is an excellent place for recreation. After all, in addition to a lot of entertaining establishments, you can get to the exciting atmosphere of ancient times. You will see with your own eyes all those structures with which thousands of myths and legends are associated, the magnificent Nile will leave only your best memories and associations in your mind.

El Gouna

Relatively new and young resort of Egypt. This place is just beginning to show all the potential for tourism, gradually breaking out into the leaders of the best places for recreation. For those who are not familiar with the trails studied, El Gouna will become a real discovery. This city is often called the Venice of Egypt, because it is located on the coast of the Red Sea, completely surrounded by azure waves and warm sand. It is a real resort paradise for those who seek peace and tranquility. Here you will not find high-rise hotels, but only small, cozy houses, accommodation In which you will be a moment of pleasant solitude. What is lacking for replenishing strength and energy? You, nice companion and the sea. The peculiarity of the previous buildings is that they are all built on small islands, which are connected by bridges and transitions. By sea channels often run small boats that give a special romantic atmosphere to El Gouna.


The easternmost point of Egypt was idealA place for family holidays and for those who are just making their first steps in diving. The sea here is not too deep, there are a lot of good visits and cozy beaches. Due to its neighborhood with Israel, Taba has become an excellent mix of not only maritime, but also cultural and recreational activities. This city provides ample opportunities for personal development: you can easily visit many excursions, discover something new for yourself, and also get acquainted with the rich historical and spiritual heritage. Taba opens the look at four countries: Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and directly Egypt itself. This is the best place for those who like the dynamics of relaxation. For fans of the rich history of Egypt, they recommend to taste a small island of Pharaohs, which is immediately next door to Taba.


Youth resort, in which even the air itselfOverflowing with wild energy dynamics andactivity. It is located in the south of the Gulf of Aqaba. This area is considered a paradise for lovers of water sports. The center of life in Dahab is the embankment. A large number of shops, cozy cafes, posh restaurants, affordable hotels, and for those looking for solitude - separate resort houses. And that the main thing - it's almost at the sea! A special atmosphere comes with the approach of evening. The city begins to live a different life: full of fun, incendiary dances, talking about how well the day went.

It is worth to note that this is only a small part of the famous resorts of Egypt, the final choice, of course, belongs to you!

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