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Grunge Room

Grunge Room

Typically, the style is performed in the form of a light touch of time on the surfaces, and the metal on the fittings is specially adapted to a tarnished hue.

In the room, if its dimensions allow, you canAdd beautiful chairs on round legs made of wood. Place a shelf, consoles, put a round table and glazed cabinets. By the way, cabinets in grunge style are often made without special polishing. The preparation of furniture is based on the production of teak wood. This sort of tree is distinguished by its strength, moisture resistance and durability. This approach will be practical, economical and will justify the costs over time.

Features of style

If you are going to decorate a house in the style of grunge,Consider its main requirements: a combination of simplicity and practicality. But the style has its own characteristics. The highlight of grunge is the charm of design, aesthetic approach and its unique look.

The style is designed to give the dwellingThe room is cozy and cute. Here you will not find emphasis on luxury or flashy colors, on the contrary, the more practical and simpler your home looks, the more comfortable and better it will be. So you do not need to add silk or plaster, as for example, in the Venetian style. But here there is a rustic finish. The painted brick looks good in any way. It is these elements that can create a quiet and provincial atmosphere, which is inherent in the style of grunge.

How correctly to make furnish of rooms?

At finishing works it is necessary to use only the highest quality raw materials. For example, a high-quality tree. You can also use flax or cotton laces.

The decision on the layout of the rooms should be free or so as to allow the creation of a comfortable place for recreation or communication.

Room decor

With lighting issues do not have anything in common, as in other styles. So the effect of good lighting can be achieved with the help of floor lamps: they give a soft light and at the same time create an attractive environment.

To decorate the vernal room you can addSpecial accessories. True, there are not many of them, but there is something that can be made from this as well. For different rooms it is possible to place, for example: lamps with simple lampshades or forged bronze components made of old silver. You can also add a large family portrait nastenu.

Characteristics and advantages of style

Grunge is one of the most extraordinary styles,Which exist. But at the same time the style remains elegant at the same time, respectable. With the help of the grunge style it is possible to achieve simple and inelegant provincial comfort: there is no rush, turmoil, excessive luxury or chic. Grunge will suit those people who want to live in a measured, lively way of life.

The advantage of style is its durability. You can not change the furniture or furniture for several decades, if you take care of things. Grange is well suited to couples whose children have grown up long. First, the couple can save repairs for a long time, so the children will not break anything and destroy, and secondly, they will be easily and conveniently in such a house, as it will create an atmosphere of rest. But not only such couples like this design, since it suits everyone who loves comfort and tranquility. If you do not have the opportunity to complete your entire house in this style, then you can make repairs in your room and buy doors with a key so that the children do not have access to the inside. In this case, you will manage and rest, and to enjoy the moments of rest doubly.

Definition of style

In order to be able to determine style with the naked eye without even being a professional, you will need knowledge of the five rules.

First. Grunge style has a stylistic landmark associated with the classics, but without any pretentiousness or unjustified luxury. Also in grunge there is no expensive finishing or gilding, carving and, of course, polishing.

The second. Grunge has nothing to do with negligence, a poet she is completely absent from it. Initially, the style was like a adaptable strip for the alteration of urban expensive interiors in the manner of quiet residential life.

Third. Furniture should match the style, namely, be made from a teak tree. Also, it will not be superfluous to paint it in light colors, for example, you can paint round tables, console shelves, bookcases that are under glass.

Fourth. The common zone should have a free planning to focus on creating a certain vacation spot. Such a place can be formed with the help of comfortable upholstered furniture. Furniture should create a kind of presence of an old manor.

Fifth. In the grunge style, you need to use at most natural and environmental materials, such as a tree, cotton, flax and others. But quality must also be the highest.

A little bit about the details

Furniture a la grange - this is an art-madeExpensive furniture, which is made according to the prototype of the old style. Such furniture is not designed to express the story in style, rather, on the contrary, to determine the style and taste of the host's life. Things should have a respectable and cozy appearance, and also be functional, democratic, durable and comfortable. Examples: a round dining table, chairs on round legs, soft sofas made of wood, glazed library cabinets. It is best if the surfaces are unpolished and not polished.

Fabrics. Here it is best to use linen or cotton, but only of the highest quality, another can not afford another grunge. In order to fulfill the decor of the walls you no longer need silk, but on the contrary, you can decorate everything with the help of cotton drapery with the addition of a stitch pattern. Choose curtains that have a free composition. Also, it's nice to use curtains that have hints of retro style.

Accessories. It will be good if you decorate your house with a large family portrait. You can successfully use forging, bronze details, objects, with the help of which the country mood is imposed.

Lighting. In grunge, the highlight is the main role. But it should be soft and slightly muffled.

Doors. It is the doors that tell the host's skin and stress both advantages and disadvantages, so be alert. The doors with the effect of antiquity are very good and interesting. Add to the interior a door with embossed patterns, let them be either colored or silvered.

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