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Resorts of Abkhazia

Famous resort of Gagra

Gagra is the largest of all resortsCities of Abkhazia. The history of this paradise for tourists began in 1903, when it was founded by the prince Oldenburg. The city stretches for 20 km along the seaside. The local climate can be described as warm, seaside, moderately wet, and the temperature is moderate. Of course, the mountains deserve special attention, they protect the city from cold winds and keep the warm sea air. The sea was another reason for more respiratory. The water in it is clean, in the summer it is moderately warm. Without denseness, we can say that the area of ​​Old Gagra does not leave anyone indifferent. Beautiful landscapes that are particularly beautiful, accessible to anyone who visits this area. From the sea shore you can admire the mountain tops, bays, gorges. In addition to natural beauty, it is worth to assess and local attractions. One of them is the seaside park of the Prince of Oldenburg. It is a kind of highlight of Gagra. In addition, the old resort area will give you an opportunity to see the historical remains of the ancient fortress of Abaat (IV-V centuries AD), and the Gagra Christian temple of the 6th century was immortalized nearby.

The palace is especially attractive for touristsPrince of Oldenburg. The most beautiful kind of local nature has become something special, charming. Not far from the palace and the park there is a famous restaurant "Gagripsh" - the city's pride, because this institution is more than a hundred years old. It is also worthwhile to visit the city's colonnade and observation platforms, which are located on the mountain Mamzyshha. One of the most popular local beaches is located near the holiday house "Abkhazia" and the boarding house "Energetik".

In addition to standard sea recreation, on the beachesNew Gagra can be engaged in active water activities: it's bananas and wateryards, and for those who do not have enough extreme - you can jump with a paraglider from the mountain top. Unlike Novaya, Old Gagra is not crowded, because in this part of the city you will not find multi-storey buildings, large private hotels or mini hotels. This area is ideal for those who seek peace and tranquility. Old Gagra is ideal for family rest and recreation.

The Abkhazian Riviera

The Abkhazian Riviera (the city of Sukhum)A significant part of a semicircular bay. There is almost always a calm sea, and the average air temperature in winter is +13. This climate contributes to the fact that many tourists come here, despite the season. The city is under reliable protection of mountain ranges from the north-eastern side. It is this facilitated that cold air masses practically do not disturb this land. The climate in Sukhum is very mild, unlike other areas of the sea coast. For example, when winter still reigns in the foothills of Abkhazia, then the real earth is a real paradise: exquisite flowers are blossoming, poetyptic people. Thanks to the fact that Sukhum is the capital, life in this city is booming even in non-tourist seasons. The city is rich in modern buildings, every guest can find entertainment for his soul and taste.

For those who wish to tighten the general conditionHealth, the fact that in 1898 at the World Congress of Doctors in Moscow, scientists recognized Sukhum as one of the best resorts for the treatment of pulmonary diseases.

Resort Sukhum created ideal conditions notOnly for rest, but also for the treatment of diseases: mild climate, bright and evergreen sub-tropical vegetation, gentle sea, extraordinarily pure air. The distinction from other resort towns of this rich country, in Sukhum is a large number of healing springs, the water of which is actively used inbalology.

Another local landmark inIt is legitimate to consider the market. Here tourists from all the cities of Abkhazia come to buy, both tourists and indigenous people. The capital will perfectly suit both married couples and young people, as everyone is able to find a job, because a rich natural, historical and cultural heritage can attract more than one tourist, thirsting for impressions.

Curative Gudauta

A wonderful medical resort, where it is activePractice balneotherapy and aerogeliotherapy, is called Gudauta. This area is rich in healing springs of hydrogen sulphide waters; About one of which the balneological clinic "Primorskoe" was built. This health-improving complex will be especially appropriate for those who have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous, genitourinary and cardiovascular system.

New Athos

To amend not only the physical, but also theSpiritual health advise to visit the resort called New Athos. It is located not far from Sukhumi (22 km.), On the shore of the bay, at the foot of Athos and Iberian Mountains. Incredible scenic edge: mountain gorges, the river Psyrtsha and endless greenery of forests. Wherever you go, look out for alleys of slender cypress trees, olive groves, almond trees, citrus orchards and vineyards. A charming aroma settled in the local air. Athos is rich in historical and cultural heritage, here you can see the most important Christian shrines of Abkhazia, countless historical monuments of different epochs and peoples, and even here you can see the cave complex, well-known to the whole world. On these lands there are two world famous sights of Abkhazia: Novo-Athos cave and monastery of the same name.

New Athos can be divided into two parts:Historical and commercial. Accordingly, there are two centers here. The historical part is rich in interesting objects: the New Athos Monastery, the waterfall, the canyon Psyrtsha, the Swan Lake, the Anakopia Ancient and, of course, the Iberian Castle. Also of great interest is the grotto and the Temple of Simon Kanonit. Not far from New Athos cave stretched a small market, where vacationers and the local population can find everything you need.

In conclusion

Abkhazia is rich and contrasting. Here, the beauty of nature is perfectly combined with an extraordinary historical and cultural heritage. In addition to health resorts, tourists are given the opportunity to visit and on ordinary entertainment, such as Pitsunda, which is known for its beaches. Rest in Abkhazia, this is the case when most holidaymakers combine a pleasant with a useful.

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