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American style of life in the interior

Consider how the apartment looks a littleAmerican family consisting of parents and one child. Such a family must necessarily have a kitchen and a dining room, a living room and two bedrooms. Similar apartments Americans consider to be two-room, considering only the number of bedrooms. It is clear that the American two-room apartment will have a much larger area than the domestic "kopeck piece".

Spacious premises already by themselvesAre one of the most important active design elements. Kitchen and dining room are a single room, divided either by a special cabinet or by a bar counter. This approach allows you to visually increase the area of ​​the rooms, which seem much larger than they really are. By the way, American developers know that any normal hostess who knows how to love and cook will certainly be delighted with a large and spacious kitchen, that's why they do not save squares in this room.

Through the eyes of an amateur to an American apartment

Kitchen from Americans is a hugeLuxury room, which can not be said about the kitchen itself, which is simple and concise. For example, in Moscow, a studio with a small kitchen, you can see valuable expensive breeds of wood, marble, as well as exclusive furniture from famous designers.

Americans look at the kitchen furniture muchMore pragmatic. They select for their kitchen white or brown lockers without any frills. In part, it's also because developers are selling apartments already with repair, so they just do not want to spend a lot of money on exclusive designer furniture from expensive materials. Buyers, in turn, also do not see the point in changing the new inexpensive kitchen more expensive.

Some drawback in the material the Americans have learnedCompensate, skilfully selecting decorative elements. There is just no American kitchen: colorful glass vases, paintings, beautiful figures, magnets on the refrigerator, etc.

American Living Room

Everyone has heard a word like a living room. Americans, uttering this word, mean the living room. Unfortunately, only in units of Russian apartments you can see such a room.

The living room in the American sense is represented byA spacious room, located, as a rule, directly going into the house. This room is designed to collect the whole family and friends. Unfortunately, in Russian apartments, a tiny kitchen turns into a living room - often it's the only place where you can arrange family gatherings.

The American drawing room isan amazing room that can really bring people together. There is a large sofa or two small sofas that can stand opposite, a TV set, a coffee table, bookcases and shelves, as well as various decorative elements - vases, candles, paintings, frames with photos, etc. As practice shows, in such premises people spend very much free time.

Indeed, the living room isuniversal room. Here, children can play the console at a time when adults are having a meal at the table. In this case, no one will disturb anyone, but everyone has the opportunity to communicate with each other and joke. Living room - this is the most necessary and most successful element of the American apartment.

Green Zone

American decor is not only beautiful,but also functionality. Americans are quite practical people, so they always try to find multifunctional options. Almost every American house or apartment has so-called common areas, which can be used not only for communication with family members, but also for familiarity with all neighbors.

For example, a common place for a picnic wheregather all the neighbors. Here you can see a strong street furniture, built-in barbecue, comfortable tables. Where there is practically no place for the construction of such zones, Americans manage to organize picnics even on the roof.

The main thing for these people is communication.That is why they do not have fences, and if they do, they often have a symbolic, decorative character. Only in disadvantaged areas people wall their homes with fences, and where everyone lives a quiet and cheerful life, fences are simply unnecessary.

Large lounges, where they spend the evening, meetingTogether with relatives, friends and acquaintances, green areas for recreation and picnics, and the constant smiles that Americans give each other is a way of life that is reflected in all its spheres, starting with family relationships and ending with the interior in the apartment. The meaning of the Americaninterior is to create a pleasant atmosphere for communication, in which there will be a desire to share their plans, simply to communicate on abstract topics or even to have a grandiose fun.

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