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Shopping for the summer season

And splash?

I'm sure many people dream of having at their dachaOwn large classical pool. That's just not everyone's finances will allow to acquire such a bourgeois luxury. Do not despair, because there is always a variant that is right for you. For example, you can buy an inflatable pool or a pool.

  • The most economical option is a conventional inflatablepool. Its diameter can reach up to three meters, and the depth to sixty centimeters. Large pools are combined with special plastic trampolines. To the bottom was not slippery, you can lay some rough coating (rubber mat). Such pools require careful treatment because they are very afraid of punctures. Lifetime - no more than two or three swimming seasons.
  • Another type of pool - frame (reaches inHeight more than a meter). The principle of assembly is to attach the plastic to a base of light metal. For large pools, you may need a ladder, which is selected according to the height and safety of the attachment. Usually it, like the other accessories for the pool, is offered immediately in the store when you buy. Other accessories may include: a cover-tent protecting water from contamination, a water filter pump (replaceable cartridges to it), a vacuum cleaner (remove debris from the bottom of the pool) and a net to remove contaminants from the surface of the water.

Place for entertainment


For children's games in the country is better to take a special corner. If the child does not go to school yet, then you just can not do without a sandbox area.

  • Wooden sandbox is designed for a longUse, besides, you can do it yourself. The main thing is to carefully polish the boards so that there is no risk of splinters. The disadvantage of this design is that it can be difficult to move to another place if necessary (in contrast to plastic analogs).
  • Plastic sandboxes, as a rule,Are made of materials of the most cheerful colors: red, orange, yellow. Novelties have become sandboxes in the form of funny little animals and cars, which are equipped with covers to protect the sand.

Houses and slides

A great addition to the sandbox will be a plastic house with windows and doors, as well as a children's hill up to three meters high.

Children's complexes

The children are very popular with childrenComplexes, including: stairs, Swedish walls, hanging swings and slides. However, such a complex will cost more than twenty thousand rubles. If you do not want to spend so much, a kid can just buy a swing.


Swings, according to doctors, have a positive effect on the development of the vestibular apparatus.

  • Portable swings are sold for both children andFor adults. In the adult version, they resemble a sofa. This type of swing is convenient in that they can be placed anywhere, and if necessary, move, fold or even remove. The downside of such a swing is their instability. If you strongly swing, they may fall.
  • Hinged swings are designed for the mostSmall and equipped with a seat with a backrest, armrests and safety devices. Such swings can be fastened with strong ropes to a tree. With the help of these ropes, you can change the trajectory of motion and swing a lot. Advantages of hinged swings: portability (that is, they can easily be removed and outweighed), compactness and affordable price.
  • There are also swings that are excellentSuitable when the family has two children. It's about the so-called rocking-board. It can be semicircular with two seats facing each other or in the form of a swinging board with a stiff post in the middle and seats at the ends.

We'll sit in a good way ...

A full cosiness and a pleasant stay at the dacha will helpProvide comfortable furniture. Its range offered today in stores is truly huge, but always remember that the tables you choose, couches, chaise lounges and chairs should not only be light, but also durable.

Conditionally garden furniture is divided into types depending on the material from which it is made - wood, plastic, metal. On which option to stay? It all depends on your personal preferences.


  • Wicker furniture from fashionable rattan today(Asian liana) harmoniously fit into almost any dacha interior. An armchair made of such material is capable of withstanding heavy loads, reaching up to five hundred kilograms. Service life is 25-30 years. However, note that the cost of such furniture will be appropriate. The price of only one table can reach fifty thousand rubles.
  • Domestic production is best masteredWillow vine: the same "colonial" style, but is much cheaper. Thousands and a half in the furniture salons you can find quite a decent willow chair. A little more you will spend on a willow table or sofa.
  • The most common type of wooden summerFurniture are tables, chairs and benches made of pine. Pine furniture looks unpretentious and stands democratically. If you try, the pine chair in the store can be found for five hundred rubles. When purchasing pine furniture, do not expect longevity from it. This tree is very fastidious - it does not tolerate wet weather (swells, crumbles and falls apart). The service life of pine furniture is two to three years. But you can still save the situation. To do this, cover the pine with a thick, pre-thick layer of varnish.


  • Very often for dachas began to buy furniture fromAluminum. It is easy to use, strong enough, it is not afraid of dampness, and its backs and seats can be made in plastic weaving with wooden slats, which looks very stylish (in the spirit of hi-teck).
  • The real hit of this season is forged productsMetal, which are characterized by increased strength. In addition to a long life, forged furniture attracts its design, decorated in the old days. However, such furniture also has its drawbacks. The main one is a solid weight. Only one table will weigh thirty kilograms or sixty.


Furniture made of plastic is cheap, not afraid of dampness,Heat and easy to care, although it is not necessary to count on its durability. Cheap plastic quickly breaks, so it will not last long - one or two seasons. Another thing - reinforced plastics. Tables and armchairs made of such material will serve you much longer, but they will strike harder on the wallet. Going to the store for plastic furniture, you can immediately look and umbrellas-awnings. Practically in all tables for their fastening special holes are provided. So you can create yourself a cozy shadow even on the hottest and sunny day.

Finally, I wish you good weather, more sun and warmth!

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