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Egyptian style in the interior

Basic principles of the Egyptian style design

This style is closely intertwined with this kind ofInterior kakafricheskiy - these styles have many similar nuances. But despite this, the Egyptian interior has a number of distinctive properties. Here are some of them:

  • The main accent is the wealth and luxury of the situation;
  • In the choice of color preference is given to yellow-brown-loam;
  • Gold is the main attribute in decoration;
  • In order to emphasize sophistication, use white, blue and green colors;
  • For decoration of walls and floor use finishes made of natural stone or decorate it for style;
  • Presence of arches and columns;
  • Panels and mosaic murals;
  • Partitions made of carved wood;
  • Windows in the form of arches or lancet type;
  • Walls and ceilings would be nice to decorate the elements with a decorated spike;
  • Minimalism in the use of furniture, but furniture in this case must simultaneously be both low and massive;
  • A variety of textiles in the interior, a large number of carpeted carpets, blankets and blankets, curtains and curtains, sofa and floor cushions.

Application of the Egyptian style in the design of the living room

When decorating a living room, you need to remember that thisRoom is an example of your taste and style. So when using this style in the living room is often deliberately shown the efforts to live in luxury. If you have a desire to make from your living room something similar to the chambers of the pharaoh - do, despite the fact that it will look like a pompous luxury.

It is not necessary to furnish the living room with cumbersome cabinets, walls or shelves. But a wide and low couch or ottoman or in the form of letters P will look great in your living room.

Rectangular pedestals, aged in black style and dominimalizma spared from metal accessories, are ideal as a substitute for a TV or a liquid crystal panel.

A wonderful solution for decoration will beLike arches, niches, and columns and half-columns. The original application at the same time will be a pile of cornices and rosettes, which, for a stunning effect, are applied to the ceiling where chandeliers and fixtures should be mounted.

Provided that the walls are not supersaturatedRelief details, then you can resort to the use of a large-format panel with patterns of ancient Egyptian motifs. When using this technique, you can resort to two options: whether it's frescoes on plastered walls or to mold a mosaic of decorated stone.

For decoration in the "Egyptian" style forThe living room can use animal skins or textiles made for the skin style - in this room this nuance is possible in use. But for design in other rooms this method is used relatively rarely. This material can be adapted as on the floor, and casually tossing on the sofa.

Just in the living room and place a variety of statue of the style, but the main thing to remember - do not expose them too much.

The decor of the bedroom in the "Egyptian" style

Designers resort to creating mystics in the bedroomWith the help of Egyptian motives, and the main task that confronts them is to prevent the room from becoming gloomy and dreary. For this purpose, the choice of color gamma is given to light shades of beige, milk, cream, sand, milk and coffee and ivory. But when choosing furniture in this room advised to take a contrast, in darker shades.

When applying this type of interior floorDecorate the stone slabs, but if for some reason this floor does not fit - a replacement for ordinary parquet. Modern technology will allow you to turn your ceiling into a mysterious starry sky.

When arranging the interior use a lotVarious types of textiles. For example, curtains, both on windows and doorways, ethnically painted bedspreads. But the doors of the built-in closet should be tried in cloth from dense linen or cotton material, painted in Egyptian motifs.

In choosing a bed, preference is given to low, butMassive beds with metal legs in the form of lions' paws. But the golden baldahinili high headboard in the form of a pylon will be the original highlight of your bedroom.

We decorate the kitchen with the Egyptian style

To give home comfort, warmth and comfort onKitchen and dining room it is important to correctly combine interior and household items. The main thing in decorating this room is to use natural materials for finishing.

The floor, decoratedWide or terracotta slabs. But matte ceramic tiles in combination with a bright mosaic panel will look great when creating walls.

Minimalism of a furniture set from a woodenThe material will be an excellent complement to the interior. Of course, it is possible and the use of plastic coating for furniture, but it is necessary to deform the plastic underlay of natural marble with the same color overflows. But all metal accessories, such as a sink, mixer or rail, should be used in gold or bronze tones.

In order to give the windows an Egyptian style,You can hang their blinds or apply the most common, but at the same time, strict Roman curtains - despite the fact that they look like the most usual rectangular pieces of fabric, they will perfectly fit into this style.

Bathroom design

Recommend to decorate the walls and floor ceramicTiles, as well as in the kitchen. But to emphasize the refinement in this room, resort to the use of small inserts of decorative stone and mosaic.

Small stairs and tiling - that's itWhat you need to give originality to the bathroom. Also in the interior of the bathroom, the showers, faucets, water taps of bronze or aged gold will look great. In choosing a shell, the best solution will not be traditionally white, but, for example, black and round.

Without a mirror, it is probably hard to imagine a bathroom. To match the Egyptian style, a mirror is supposed to choose a round that is associated with the worship of the Egyptians to the sun.

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