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French curtains in the interior

This is one of the reasons why the fashion for the FrenchCurtains has not ceased to be actual and is estimated not for one hundred years. The type of curtains is so solemn that they attract the eye and fascinate. At the very beginning of the victory procession of the French masters, only royal figures and well-to-do aristocrats could afford. After some time, this theater could afford some theaters. Currently, French curtains can be seen in urban apartments, among people with a design vein.

French curtains - what is it?

French curtains are not just fabric boughtIn the capital of fashion, which can be hung up on the eve. If you want to be deceived, carefully look at the picture of the proposed curtain. The secret is that on French curtains, the pattern applied harmoniously forms a similarity of decorative waves over the entire surface of the fabric. These waves are called festons. The peculiarity of the French curtains consists of two possible types: loose, across the width of the window, and the assembled version in the upper part. Unlike the alternatives, French curtains do not move apart.

Fabrics used for sewing curtains

What is the secret of the ability to create such a magnificentDecor and not lose the beauty and subtlety of appearance? It's simple - cloth. To create such a masterpiece, only the lightest fabrics are selected, which would be able to provide the desired form at any time. His forces tried different fabrics, for example, in Europe, they were cambric and silk. Russia of the 18th century used tulle. And in the 21st century our wealthy contemporaries prefer the law. However, experts believe that for true connoisseurs, silk will always be a priority material in the creation of French curtains. But the age of computer technology dictates its conditions. In the Narynka, artificial fabrics began to appear in large quantities, for example, polyester, curtains from the nah are popular in public places because of their resistance to ultraviolet radiation. In addition, the polyester is well cleaned.

French curtains in the interior

French blinds have always been a luxury and demandedTo your proper attitude. To hang them just could only be a narrow-minded person. This work of art should complement and harmoniously fit into the environment and create a unique atmosphere. It is for this reason that they were once used only in the rich houses of noble people, they formed ballrooms, magnificent receptions, solemn events. After some time, the French curtains smoothly moved the museums, art galleries and theaters. But in some modern design solutions of the city apartment, they can also be seen. For the most part, these are rich people, who often lack taste as such, but French curtains are a luxury that harmonizes perfectly with classical furniture, or it is also made in the Baroque style. Italian antique furniture is also not an exception in the situation of wealthy and powerful people. However, these curtains are not only pompous, but solemn, which contributed to their application in the Kremlin, the State Duma and some major institutions of the state type. It should also be borne in mind that the new-fashioned arched window as well as the best is decorated with French curtains.

Color and pattern of curtains

French blinds have a certain structure,Which can not be changed. Therefore, to properly decorate the room you need to competently approach the choice of color curtains or a picture on them. Let us afford a few small tips. For rooms that do not tolerate fuss, a solemn white color or as close as possible to it approximates. Dark colors are not highly recommended not to become a "catchy eye" stain in the interior. But in a romantic place like a bedroom is better to use soft colors of pink and cream shades or drawings of flowers. It is in this case that the French chic will appear. It is good to combine a flower-stall with the basic color scale of a room or something more concrete: a fabric to a vending of upholstered furniture, wall-paper, elements of a decor in a concrete room.

This kind of curtains as French, you should sew underorder. To this there is a standard store size and non-standard size of the window openings in the buildings of the building years. Sewed custom-made curtains will perfectly fit the size of your window in a particular room. In parallel, it is necessary to choose the method of their attachment, and hence the options for managing curtains. First of all, it should be convenient for you and not disturb the harmonious look of the French curtains in any condition. The level of comfort with a taste of sophistication and unique charm, you can create only you, and you decide what the meaningful load will be such a design decision as the French blinds.

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