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Traveling by train: what to take with you

What to take on the road in a train
Especially people who like to ride trains areThey like to sleep, because this is the place where you can retire and sleep as long as you want, but what about people who love to eat deliciously? On what should I pay attention that after a meal itself it is good to feel and at the same time not to stink by extraneous smells of neighbors?

Necessary things

Prepare a separate bag or bag where you areYou can put the most needed things that you might need on the train all the way. Such things can include a towel, soap, toilet paper, change shoes and clothes, a comb, wet napkins, toothpaste and a brush. You will be very uncomfortable every time to put on shoes or lace your sneakers, so it's best to take a slippers or some slippers.


MP3 player will perfectly raise your mood inRoad. Remember that before the trip it must necessarily be charged or if there is a replaceable battery, then take it by yourself. On the eve download yourself a little more, so they do not have time to bother you all the way. If you like to read books, then buy an electronic book. It takes up little space, and reading it is a pleasure - comfortable and comfortable.

What to take with you on the road to the train


Often people think about theirRoad "brake". Therefore, more people have to think about how to store food so that they do not get lost and do not cause harm to health. It should be noted that now most of the cars remain of the old model. That is why it is worth remembering that toilets can be closed very often not only at stops, but also when the train moves. Therefore, in order not to take risks and feel unwell in the road, take only quality, tested products.

Take with you those products that areIntended for such a trip and packed specifically for it. Do not run to the store before sending. Many people from long waiting to buy everything they see in the station store, and when they go into the car they begin to disassemble their purchases and make sure that most of the products were not worth taking. Of course, you can do this if you change from one train to another . But if you are coming from home, then prepare everything in advance a day before the trip.

If you want to bring your own vegetables, then washThem, dry, peel and cut into rings or pieces. If you do not make a salad, then be guided so that the pieces are such that it is convenient to take them by hand. If you take a few vegetables, then package them in different packages so that they do not mix. Now you can buy packages and food film, and sudochki, and plastic containers, so with packaging problems should not be.

Do not buy an ordinary loaf of bread on the road. It is best to buy a cut loaf, small buns or lavash. Choose what you like best. If you prefer sandwiches, then take the sliced ​​bean. And yet, do not make sandwiches beforehand. The bread will be saturated with vegetable juice and not very pleasant and soft.

When picking up food, think about the fact that inThe car will not be left alone, other people will go with you. If you have a fat face and hands, crumbs and fat will drip on the table, then they will be unequivocally unpleasant to look at it. Always remember the rules of decency.

What to take with you on a train ride

Think about disposable dishes (plates, spoons,Forks), pack it too in a bag and do not forget about napkins - dry and damp. So you can remain a cultured and decent person, and also take away all the garbage.

Do not take radish, garlic, boiledEggs and onions pay special attention to different kinds of cheeses. These products have a very persistent smell, which will hear the whole car, and if you still eat everything together, then your neighbors will go completely crazy. Also, do not buy too fatty foods and products that crumble and can get dirty clothes. For example, do not take a goose baked at home in the oven and forget the cleaning.

Give up sweet sodas and juices. So you will want to drink even more. For example, if you went on a trip in the summer, then give preference to clean water gas-free.

You can buy yogurts and curds on the way if you can get them to eat on the first day of the trip. Take scones, buns, lavash.

Almost all people take with them to the trainpotatoes. You can also brew it in a uniform or bake in the oven. 2-3 days, such food accurately can be usable. Choose a boiled chicken breast. It has quite a decent smell, as opposed to a baked or fried option. Moreover, it does not have such a fat as in other dishes. Pay attention to the sausages, which are sold in glass jars, they are the best for a train. It is recommended to take only smoked sausage to the train, because it can be kept in the train for the longest time. If you took on the road the raw raw smoked meat, then use it on the first day.

You can take baked pies with them, they are excellentSuitable for "brake", especially if they are with apple, cabbage or jam. Stock up with crackers, cookies gingerbread. They are perfect for tea. If you really like cheese, then prefer options to individual packages, where each piece is packed separately. You can also take muesli, dried fruits, tea bags, nuts, fresh fruits, instant coffee, candied fruits. If you are very fond of fruit, then make sure that they are firm and give preference to apples, tangerines and pears.

If you doubt that you took everythingThen just take your cash with you. In the car-restaurant you can order hot, soup, salad at relatively normal prices. If it's lunch time, then you can taste the business lunch. In our time, you can buy tickets in the luxury compartment. There guides can bring you breakfast, lunch and dinner from the dining car. Moreover, along with the ticket you must be provided with a train, a toothpaste, a toothbrush, soap, a fresh press, and linen will be changed every day. Therefore, you can decide for yourself whether to take everything on the road or just buy a ticket with the all-inclusive program.

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