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Traveling by train with a child: what you need to take into account

As in Soviet times, now the trainRemains more affordable than most other modes of transport. However, it is worth mentioning in the first place that in our time to travel by train with a toddler is not so problematic as it was before. Nowadays there are all the essentials in the cars: dry closets, soft sofas and air conditioners.

By the way, all these conveniences can be met notOnly in the carriages SV and compartment, but also in the usual inexpensive reserved seat. Of course, in order that you do not swindle, you need to carefully and responsibly go to the choice of the train and the car, after all, not all trains are equipped in the best way.

And this procedure is not at all complicated. Now, as well as airlines, Russian railways provide us with a service for selling tickets online.

If you decide to go with a child, then consider many things: food, change clothes and entertainment.

If you have a ticket in a good modernTrain, which is equipped with air conditioning, then you do not need to worry because of drafts and fires. However, the conductor can overdo it with air conditioning, so in any case, take warm clothes.

Well, if you take small toys: designer, coloring pages, puzzles, electronic consoles and, of course, books.

Remember also about the table games that the conductor will be able to provide to you absolutely free of charge (backgammon, checkers, chess), and also such games as "Words", "Cities", "You will go to the ball" and others.

As for food, then you need to take into account the fact,That "adult" food, such as smoked sausage, mashed potatoes, instant noodles and grilled chicken in a train for children is not at all what you need. In advance, purchase baby food in jars: various pâtés, vegetable and puree puree, meat and, of course, soluble muffins. Not only babies will be pleased with this, but children will grow up. Remember about vegetables and fruits - it is better to take them already washed and ready to eat.

Always remember hygiene. You will be helped by paper handkerchiefs, a pot, ordinary and wipes.

What to take on a train ride with a newborn

Of course, such situations are very rare, butNevertheless sometimes it is necessary to perform a journey on the train with a newborn baby. To do this, you need to buy or take from your friends a special kangaroo or sling in a lying position, so it will be most convenient for you to transport a baby.

Take the bag on your shoulder or backpack and fold it:

  • Rattle;
  • A few diapers (depending on how much you need to go);
  • Rags or napkins to wipe the face of the baby, in the event that he snorts.

In no case do not forget wet wipes,They will help you to correct the situation if suddenly there is a childish "surprise". Especially often this happens on the road, so you should be ready for anything.

If your journey will not last long -Only three to four hours, then the above list will be enough for you. Of course, that you need to take baby things, shampoo, cream and other necessary items do not need to say. After all, now we are talking about what it is necessary to have on the train, and not about what the kid needs when he arrives at the place of destination. If the trip is, on the contrary, long, then in the travel bagfollowing to fold a few panties or sliders, shirts and a spare cap for your baby. Perhaps the baby will need to change.

What you need to take on a train ride with a year-old child

Here the list of necessary things practically does not change,You only need to take more toys and books, especially if it's new copies that the child has not seen before. Remember that the child will need to be entertained, and in this you will receive a help in acquisitions. Sometimes the baby may begin to distract the music entertainment, which then needs to be changed by something else.

If we talk about toys, then little childrenIdeally fit on the road board for drawing with a stick or playing on special boards, on magnets (mosaic, dominoes, letters, lotto). If the child is older, then you can buy discs with your favorite songs, riddles, fairy tales or counters. Interesting for the baby can be and ordinary gloves, which at the ends of the fingers will sew different shaggy faces. Sih help you can come up with a small play and show it to the child. Maybe, you can even come up with some new fairy tale in which everyone will come up with one sentence (if you are traveling with the whole family).

Now you know what it takes to take a train ride with a baby, you just have to come up with some quiet games to entertain a cow.

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