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New possibilities of vacuum cleaners

Types of vacuum cleaners

There is the following typology of vacuum cleaners:

  • washing vacuums (for wet cleaning);

  • vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning;

  • Vertical vacuum cleaners;

  • Vacuum cleaners built-in;

  • Vacuum cleaners-robots.

In everyday life the most popular are the first two of thislist. In the conditions of tough competition for each buyer, vacuum cleaners are equipped with "novorots", by introducing innovative solutions into their production. How useful are they and are they worth overpaying for them? To dispel all doubts and find answers to your questions will help review the functions of modern vacuum cleaners.

New possibilities of vacuum cleaners

  • Function of blocking a false start, triggered when there is no dust bag. With a head plunged into household chores and troubles, still not such you will forget.

  • Automatic shut-off function that operates at the maximum permissible fullness of the dust bin.

  • Temperature protection function that disconnects the vacuum cleaner in order to avoid overheating, provided that its temperature is close to the critical level.

  • The function of smooth start of the engine, protecting the equipment from overloads.

  • Function Ambia, solving the problem of vacuum cleanersmell. This effect is achieved by using a plate impregnated with flavors. Also used are flavors in the form of pellets placed in dust collectors. Excellent cope with the problem of bad smell and carbon filters. It is important not to forget to change them in time.

  • Active Fragrance-control module, which allows the vacuum cleaner to independently choose the level of air aroma.

  • Electronic regulation of water and steam supply (only for washing vacuum cleaners).

  • Steam processing and collection of liquid (only for washing vacuum cleaners).

  • Blowing function.

  • Function of vibration cleaning, allowing to clean the filter without preliminary analysis of the vacuum cleaner.

  • Car service function, which meansautomatic cord adjustment. It self-unwinds as the vacuum cleaner from the outlet moves away, and, conversely, vice versa - winds up when the socket is close.

  • Shoulder strap, which allows you to easily clean dust from high cabinets and air conditioners.

  • Rubber bumper around the perimeter of the vacuum cleaner, protecting the furniture from accidental damage.

  • Bactericidal lamp.

  • System "typhoon" ("cyclone"), collecting dust in a transparent container along a spiral of air flow.

On this review I propose to bring to an end. The importance and necessity of each function is determined exclusively individually, but please note that additional technology options and pay will have to be additionally. I advise you to determine for yourself the golden mean. This will help to find the most optimal version of the vacuum cleaner.

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