/ How to make a rented apartment more comfortable?

How to make a rented apartment more cozy?

How to make an apartment cozy?
The apartments are different, renovated toEuropean standards and equipped with all the necessary kitchen appliances. It's nice to live in such an apartment, but this pleasure is not cheap. Either we find ourselves in a situation where a three-room apartment is well-finished, but it is faceless. And I want a rented apartment to bear the imprint of your personality, so that it would be nice to come here after work and invite your guests.

The creation of coziness depends on an arrangement withOwners and on the lease term. If you rented a house for a year, then do not mention the repair. If the period is longer, you can negotiate without special expenses for cosmetic repairs at the expense of the owners or 50:50, this option many owners go to the residents to meet. You just fill the apartment with napkins, embroidered macrame and favorite sneakers with pink ears.

All the nuances about the repair should be discussed beforeHow you make a deal, otherwise it will turn out that you'll have to sleep on the floor. If the owner does not consent to repair, then you will have to be content with what is. First, talk about what you bring your own furniture, still sleeping on your bed more conveniently. It is possible in a rented apartment to create a home cosiness and equip the kitchen. Bring your dishes, why should you eat from the housewares? Comfort in the kitchen will help create different kitchen utensils, vases, potholders of favorite colors, apron, towels, favorite curtains.

Technique and plumbing
Usually with plumbing in a rented apartment is not ideal. Do an easy repair of plumbing, fix the faucet, insert stronger bulbs, seal the windows, glue the behind wallpaper.

We will equip a rented apartment
When the apartment you rented is already furnishedFurniture, new cushions, furniture covers, cloaks, tablecloths, new curtains will give the apartment a more cozy, comfortable for your taste. Lovely little things: pictures, photos, statuettes, too, will not be superfluous ..

As psychologists advise, in a rented apartment you needSet the color accents, then you can switch attention to beautiful things with hateful furniture. It will be easier to do this with the help of large paintings and posters. This is an ideal option, when you do not want to glue wallpaper, and the poster can be hung at any time, and then removed. If the family has children, the scattered toys will create a homely home environment. And if in a prominent place the husband's socks lie, then any room will become quite "native".

If you need a room to visually increase,Think of a wardrobe with a mirrored door or a large mirror. This closet should be placed in front of the window and then the apartment will be cozy and light. Small windows in the room will help to expand the mirror, if you hang it in the partition between the windows. If a mirror appeared, and the room remained dark and small, it means the case in the window design. Often curtains that hang in an apartment, renting out for hire, are selected on the principle of "which is not a pity".

For comfort, you need to choose a one-color lightweightCurtains that let light through. You can apply to them lambrequins, picks and drapes. The fabric must have a beautiful texture - tapestry, velvet, taffeta. Printed large patterns will look good. A low window should be visually stretched slightly, for this curtains it is better to fix under the ceiling. On high windows will look good unusual folds and large figure.

We equip the bedroom
Naturally, there should be your pillows, belovedPlaid and bed linen. Hang a photo frame. Do not remove all the things in the closet, leave one skirt on the back of the chair. Near the bed put your sconce or lamp. If you are superstitious, then you need to sanctify the apartment, go to church and arrange with the priest. Try to make friends with the brownie, pour him milk or put a candy. Clean the energy of a rented apartment by feng shui. You should not treat the apartment with some kind of despondency, but this is someone else's, temporary home, but this is still your home.
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