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Feng Shui for Love and Money

Feng Shui for Love

Feng Shui will help to fill the life with love. There are many methods and tips, they will help to achieve the desired result, they are offered by masters of feng shui. It is required to first determine the zone of love by feng shui. If it comes to trust, family relationships, love, you need to pay attention to the far right corner of the rooms. The most significant and important is the bedroom, it focuses on emotional-sexual and friendly relations. The right-hand corner of the rooms belongs to the zone of love. When a person's heart is bitter or joyful, when there is something intimate and they want to share with a loved one, most people talk about it in the bedroom.

In common premises it is necessary to determine the place"Communication" in the field of feng shui love, to a small coffee table you need to put chairs or 2 chairs. In the kitchen, it is better to put the dining table in the far right corner, he is in charge of the feng shui zone of love. In the bedroom on this place put a bed and place chairs, padded stools, chairs.

To bring into the house a close relationship withusing Feng Shui, you need to select the right corner area of ​​love, among other areas. This ideal will help lighting a lamp. The main lighting is always in the center of the room, it is appropriate in the area love to hang a small lamp. If the chandelier has several plafonds, then from the right far corner you can screw in a bright light bulb.

To achieve an increase in Qi energy, it is necessary in thisArea to arrange fresh flowers. According to the masters of Feng Shui, as for the flowers, this should be your favorite flowers. Items in this area need to be placed that are sensitive to the movement of air. These subjects include air flutes of feng shui. To strengthen the energy of stability and reliability in the zone of love, the first element "earth" will do for this. Best suited are different talismans of luck square shaped yellow-brown color. With the help of symbols of duality, like two subjects, two photographs, two pictures, photos of couples, you can bring love and friendship to the zone of feng shui. If you have a bad imagination, you can take ready photos of duality, they symbolize love, according to the teachings of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui for money
If you are more interested in how in your lifeTo attract material benefits, here you need to focus on the southeastern part of the house. In it is a zone of Feng Shui money. This zone is responsible for wealth and power, it is responsible for the glory and for all achievements. Therefore, much attention should be paid to the south-eastern part of the house remained clean and tidy. To activate the wealth zone, in this zone it is necessary to put an aquarium, it possesses natural energy, it is produced by floating fish.

This sector should be well lit and in itYou need to put a money tree - a fat woman. Interior in this sector can decorate bills, gold coins, photos of treasures and so on. In order not to scare away wealth, it is not allowed to accumulate unnecessary rubbish, garbage. There are inappropriate dark corners, toilets, cupboards with old clothes. And if someone in the wealth zone has a toilet, what should I do? For such a case, you need to tie the sewing pipes with red ribbons, put a red, small rug under the toilet door, and hang a mirror on the toilet door.

In this sector of wealth is not very favorableThe presence of a fireplace, money in this house will be quickly spent. To fix the situation with a fireplace, you should place a picture with a water landscape or a mirror above the fireplace, thus, symbolically the fire will be muted by water.

After harmony is restored in this sector, one will believe in success and work fruitfully, and the sector will take care of the rest.
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