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Unforgettable weekend in St. Petersburg

It's not for nothing that all the electric trains and high-speed trains,The next Friday evening in this city, always filled to capacity. In all areas of the city there is a whole network of mini-hoteliers who are ready for "ridiculous" prices to offer you a comfortable room with all amenities and for several hours and for several days. On weekends there are special discounts for visitors, which anyone can take advantage of and enjoy with pleasure a rest in one of the most beautiful cities of our country.

Russian Venice

St. Petersburg proudly wears many titles -The historical center, the second capital and the Russian analogue of Venice. No other city is as beloved by its inhabitants as Peter, even if they lived in it only a few months - they are already beginning to look down on the visitors and proudly call themselves residents of the most educated and cultural city of Russia. Everyone considers it his duty to learn the history of each bridge, every small street and kind of an unremarkable wooden house, which suddenly turns out to be the "hut" of Peter the Great himself or a place for execution.

Literally every house, every courtyard, everyThe street is filled with some mystery, breathes a long-gone history and whispers to us in the ears of their stories. In this fairy tale the city turns into the evening time, when the house wraps the fog in its embrace, warm rain starts to go, and one after another bright lights flash in the streets. At such a time, it is best to be on one of the embankments, for example, on the Troitsky Bridge. From rain and damp you can hide under canopies of coastal cafes or in a chapel near the bridge. This bridge is also famous for the fact that near it you can see giant statues of two brooding Pekingese, admiring the waves of the Neva. Passing along the embankment, you will be able to see the famous Nakhimov school, who learned and released hundreds of officers from our army who were highly valued not only in Russia but also far beyond its borders.

Parks, ensembles and cathedrals

What always excites and amazes visitors inPeter - so these are magnificent palace residences, parks, historical buildings and much, much more. The world-known park-palace ensemble is Peterhof. The number of fountains is amazing, from the view of the sea is breathtaking, and from a walk in the English park with its Gothic buildings for a long time fall into a reverently pensive state. A large palace built in the style of Russian Baroque, a statue of Samson tearing the jaws of a lion, numerous water cascades, such as Chess Mountain or Roman Fountains, all admire the splendor and diligence of those people, thanks to whom we can admire these Works of art.

You should also pay attention to museums,For example, the Hermitage or the Russian Museum, which collected the legacy of our ancestors, which at the moment is truly an invaluable treasure. Fans of vivid emotions should visit the Kunstkamera, where you can enjoy the ingenuity of people who lived not so long ago and had immense imagination in terms of various tortures and punishments.

For people who believe, it will also be useful, and,Of course, an interesting walk through the most famous cathedrals and churches, which contain rare icons and relics of great people. This is the famous Kazan Cathedral, famous for its sculptures, and the Trinity Cathedral with its bronze royal gates and other monuments of Russian architecture, no less famous all over the country.

Dare, ladies and gentlemen!

In one short article it is impossible even in briefTell about all the wonders and delights that you can see in St. Petersburg - this is the French confectionery, and small jewelry shops, and cozy cafes with quite reasonable prices and appetizing menus, and the most amazing buildings that will meet you wherever you go . St. Petersburg is a city of frozen history that is ready to open its friendly arms to anyone who decides to spend their weekend here.

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