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How to design a kitchen for Feng Shui

Feng Shui rules for the kitchen

Accommodation and insulation of the kitchen. According to Feng Shui, it is undesirable that at the entranceThe apartment was visible to the kitchen. Favorable is the placement of the kitchen on the southern or eastern side, but not in the center of the apartment. In addition, it is good if the kitchen is isolated from other rooms, because they can be quite another specific energy. On the other hand, feng shui admits the unification of the kitchen with the dining room. It is believed that this does not violate the free circulation of positive qi energy. And of course, the neighborhood of the kitchen with the bathroom is not welcome.

Kitchen door. According to Feng Shui, the door to the kitchen shouldTo be tightly closed. Welcome placement above the entrance bell or the phone. It is believed that these attributes illuminate the path with positive energy. Pipes and faucets in the kitchen should always be in good order, as a stream of water running away from the inane crane symbolizes a drain of money.

Kitchen interier. Color solutions in the interior are selectedWith the layout of the kitchen. So, for example, for the kitchen located on the eastern side, blue and green tones are perfect. In addition, the finish allows the use of a small amount of chromium, gold, silver. For the southern cuisine any bright colors are good: orange, peach, red.

In addition to the above, Feng Shui apartmentsPaying much attention to the location of family members at the dinner table during the meal. So, for example, a man should sit facing the door. This is due to the fact that he is the protector of the family and must constantly monitor the situation. A woman should sit with her back to the stove. A father is seated from his father. The most correct is considered when next to the head of the family sit the youngest daughter or daughter-in-law.

Furniture and household appliances in the kitchen

In the modern kitchen there are two conflicting elements, andIt is the Fire of Water that is on its side. This concludes the opposition of the sink and the stove. In this regard, it is not recommended to have them in close proximity to each other. Very unsuccessful in feng shui is the neighborhood of a washbasin and a microwave oven, as well as an oven and a dishwasher. In the event that avoiding such a neighborhood is not possible, it is recommended to divide the two elements by any neutral object. In this quality, you can use a wooden floor cabinet or a small table.

Door Should be in sight. Plate should be placed so that when cooking people saw the door. It is recommended to place a plate near the south side, away from the window. If this is not possible, place some reflective object over the plate, for example, a decorative tray or an extractor with a polished surface. The refrigerator should be installed from the south-eastern side of the kitchen, and the refrigerator door should not be opened in the direction of the entrance door.

Placement of a dining table. According to the rules of Feng Shui, the shape and size of the tablePlay an important role in creating a favorable atmosphere in the kitchen. If you want the energy of the metal to be present in the kitchen, stop your selection on the table without sharp and distinct angles, for example, round or oval. If you want to dominate the energy in the kitchen, choose a dining table with a glass top. In placing the table, you must also follow certain rules. For example, Feng Shui does not allow the placement of the table on the "tension line", namely between the window and the door. An oval or round table will create an excellent confidence atmosphere. Be sure to use this rule, especially since tables without corners contain a larger number of people than the same ones Square and rectangular in area.

Things and small kitchen interior items. It is recommended to close the doors of kitchen lockers tightly. Open shelves are completely uninvited. Such sharp objects as knives and forks must be tied. It is better not to store any objects in the kitchen. It is believed that they accumulate negative energy. Room flowers, placed on the windowsills, are welcome.

Kitchen lighting

According to Feng Shui, the kitchen should be lightedNatural light. Therefore, refuse the blinds and massive curtains. Nothing should interfere with the penetration of the sun. Remember that textiles absorb odors and dust. Keep the windows clean, they should not have any cracks, otherwise it can lead to discontent of the family. Clean windows let in the house a lot of sunlight.

Artificial lighting should also be bright. Spread the main lamp above the dining table.

Tips for decorating the kitchen

  • It is better not to use food items in the design of the kitchen. Stop your choice on wallpaper and curtains of neutral tones.
  • Remember that old utensils carry a lot of negative energy. Do not regret, throw away items that have not been used for a long time.
  • Spices should be placed on a table or in another open space. They must be visible and reachable.
  • Use an intense light source for the kitchen. Remember that the twilight is not the best way to affect the digestion of food.
  • Use talismans and amulets in the interior design of the kitchen. Traditional mascot for the kitchen - red pepper in a bunch, as well as corn, onions.
  • Keep order and cleanliness in the kitchen. Do not store dirty dishes in the wash bowl for the night, do not leave rubbish on the table.
  • It is better to do a lot of cleaning, having glanced in the lunar calendar. It is better to put things in order on the days of the waning moon.

Correctly decorated and oriented toDifferent parts of the light kitchen will have the best effect on your nutrition. According to Feng Shui, take food every four hours. And during its reception, no conversations about problems, illnesses and other troubles should not interfere with you and distract the company.

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