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Which wallpaper to choose for the hallway?

Hallway Features

If it comes to talking about the functions of the hallway, it is worthMention its active use. No one can bypass this room by entering your house. Some apartments or houses have such a layout, where you move from one room to another and still need to go through the hallway. Some owners of animals try to arrange a rookery of the favorite in this part of the apartment. And still here put pedestals for shoes, hangers, phones.

The size of the planning is often not the same as for usI would like to. There are all kinds of doors - in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, in the room, for wallpaper there is only a small part of the wall. The walls can also be imperfect, with niches and protruding corners. Therefore, to re-paste wallpaper in the corridor, which are soiled a lot faster here, it will be necessary to tighten up properly.

When you choose a wallpaper, pay attention to everythingFeatures of your hallway. The wallpaper should be washable and durable, as we dress in the hallway, we walk. Therefore, first of all, pay attention to the quality of the materials from which the wallpaper is made.

Drawing and color

If the color is right,Make it visually greater than the actual life. Today, no one is surprised! But although it is known, it is not always possible to choose colors correctly. It is necessary to take into account the advice of designers.

  • The wallpaper should match the coloring of the furniture, ie, a single tone should be maintained, but it is also possible to combine a contrast tone.
  • The corridor is not the brightest room in the house orApartment, and therefore do not choose for him a wallpaper of dark shades. Too light, too, do not choose, they are very quickly contaminated. We need to find something in between.
  • The wallpaper, which is smoothly painted, experts also do not recommend, since they emphasize pollution.

Next, there will be a talk about drawing and color. Visually, more will allow you to make hallways of cool colors, for example, blue, green, blue colors. Fans of warm colors will be disappointed, since warm tones only reduce an already small room. If you learn these small twists, you can adjust the size of the space yourself. There are only a few small secrets: if the hallway is stretched, try to cover the wall of the entrance doors with wallpaper and the distant ones with others. This step allows you to divide the room into two parts.

If you want to combine wallpaper that look likePanels and if you combine the bottom part and the light upper one - your hallway will become more spaciously lighter. If you cover both the ceiling and the walls with the same wallpaper, then it is possible to lower the ceiling high. Also, this can be achieved by gluing the wallpaper to the joint of the ceiling, and leaving a gap. Conversely, too low a ceiling can be raised if you use wallpaper with longitudinal stripes. Riznoks small details visually increase the room of the corridor, and with the large-reduces.

You can not mention the photo wallpaper - after all, theyWill be able to correct prihozhuyu.Panoramny drawing and cold shade on the wallpaper can expand the walls, the reverse effect will give the wallpaper warm colors. Do not forget that the photos are not strong enough and thin, because they have a paper base.

Finally, I would like to mention liquid wallpaper. This is the last peep of fashion! They are unusual and very beautiful. Very easily applied and form an interesting original pattern. Colors can be selected very different, theirunality is that thanks to the texture, they fill the cavities and small cracks, which also allows you to evenify the walls. You can clean them with a vacuum cleaner.

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