/ Where to go to have a rest in the winter?

Where to go for a holiday in the winter?


In this country, summer is year round! In summer, there is a peak of heat, so if you suffer from heart disease, you better not play with fate and fly to this country in the period of maximum solar activity. Even in tenke, the temperature does not fall below forty degrees. The ideal time to visit Egypt is the period from October to April. The most popular destinations Sharm El Sheikh Hurghada. In Hurghada is very convenient to travel with children, because next to the coast is a small sea, and in the water there is almost no living creatures, as in the rest of Egypt. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your children. Sharm el-Sheikh is usually visited by people who go crazy from the flora and fauna of the Red Sea, because the underwater world in those places is literally bewitching with its beauty. Therefore, the opportunity to do diving and snorkeling every year attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world to these places.

In addition to beach pastime, in thisThe country has a lot to look at, because Egypt has a very rich history. From Hurghada on the bus can get to Luxor, which in ancient times was the capital of Egypt. And if you stayed in Sharm el-Sheikh, you can go to Cairo. In general, Egyptian kits are very diverse and everyone will find entertainment to their liking.

India. Countries in Asia

The second most popular holiday destination inThe winter period is the state with the famous name Goa. It lies in the south-west of India. The winter of Goa lasts from December to March, although many tourists and travelers have fallen in love with these places, which is not against going there even in May, when the air temperature rises above thirty-six degrees, and very high humidity. In Goa, low prices for everything: for example, if in Moscow you go to the most expensive restaurant, then the money you leave there will be enough for you to live in Goa for a whole week. Probably, this factor plays a big role, since every year more and more Russians go to Goa-West to rest.


Thailand - the next country where you wantCome back again and again after her first visit. This is undoubtedly a paradise! A few kilometers stretch chic beaches with a white clean sand, friendly people are always glad to see you and give their smiles, urbane monuments of architecture are everywhere. It's worth seeing! Therefore, in Thailand, you need to go at least once. Someone likes to relax in Pattaya, someone loves the islands of Samui and Phuket. You can not doubt - you will find exactly what you will like and leave the most vivid impressions.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is another country that pops up inHead, in time to find a place to relax. In translation from the Sanskrit language, Sri Lanka means "Blessed Land". This country receives a large income in its treasury thanks to a well-developed tourism. The most popular resort cities, most often come to travelers - Halle and Moratuwa. Lankans - locals, are proud of their tea plantations, where a great number of tourists come with great pleasure. Of the monuments of architecture - the most popular tooth of the Buddha, which is located in Kandy, where this relic is kept. Holiday Sri Lanka will give you an unforgettable pleasure, you will receive the most captivating impressions. The only thing you need to remember is that temples should be visited only in clothes that cover the knees, back and shoulders. It is strictly forbidden to sunbathe with an open top.


Vietnam gradually began to gain momentumThe number of visitors from all over the world, however, this direction is still not popular as the countries described earlier. In the vast majority of cases, Vietnam hotels offer meals for residents based on breakfast only, which is not very good, especially when you are going on holiday with young children. However, all this exotics and the enchanting beauty of nature continue to attract tourists from all over the world, and it is likely that this country will in the near future be among the leaders of the most popular holiday in the winter.

Holidays in the islands

Holiday in Maldives, Bali and SeychellesIs considered to be a fairly long time. And to this day not everyone can afford to visit these places and enjoy the beauties of island life. Often, the newlyweds become visitors to these islands, since the honeymoon carried out in these places becomes a very real fairy tale. Maldives are small islands from three hundred meters to a kilometer long, at which quite high prices. To order one person to have dinner, you'll have to pay at least a hundred dollars! But here, another plus - hotels in the Maldives are simply gorgeous. In the Seychelles, on the contrary, the service will be worse, but the nature is so magnificent that you will be surprised at how much you lost in life. Bali - the most prestigious and fashionable resort for thirty years.

Holidays in the Caribbean

Countries in the Caribbean - Hawaii, Jamaica,Tahiti, Dominican Republic, Bahamas - one of the most favorite places for tourists. It's quite expensive to fly there, and you'll have to pay a lot of money. But if you still decided on such a flight, be sure that you have not wasted your money. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean. To this day, the spirit of equality and full freedom is reigning on the island, and people who live in poverty almost feel themselves the happiest people in the whole world. They are so overwhelmed with joy that they begin to dance as soon as they hear the sound of music. Therefore, everyone who comes there, plunges into the atmosphere of the joy of the holiday.

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