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How to overcome the "crazy mood" on a winter holiday

The reason for skepticism is. Remember how on the last winter holiday you fell on the couch in front of the TV, eating sweets and salads. In some places, even a pleasant memory was not at all embarrassing if you had not planned on the last vacation the same thing as on this holiday: ski walks in the winter park, walking on the winter forest, visiting the fitness center and a small self-education program. And if you remember well, then in the last winter vacation, too, there were grandiose plans and the same sofa at the end of the road. Therefore, anxiety is fully justified. Calm yourself early!

True Desire

Very often (even much more often than is commonly believed) if a person does not do what he has planned, this means only one thing - he does not want to do it on the inside!

And if you do not want to go out on a freshair, tonic skis from the house you will not expel. Sit, think and honestly realize your own needs. Do you substitute your desires with what you think is necessary or the best behavior? And if "yes", then is it worth doing: after all, it is a question of rest!

Think about why you hold on to yourplanned rest and do not consider as a worthy alternative to spontaneous rest? And what makes you, with a dull look, grab onto the ice rink instead of a cozy connection with the book? The most frequent response is a sense of guilt. Often girlfriends and colleagues also reinforce their dejected state with malicious questions: "How did you manage to lose weight?" Or "Did you swim on skis or as always?" Do not pay attention - they justify their own laziness. Like, not alone we like to lie on our couch on your vacation.

Rule number 1.Ask your desires for a vacation. If you follow them, only the sense of guilt prevents, forget about it and rest as you like. So you can get a lot more energy from the winter respite than if you cursed with the curses all on the same skates.

Educate yourself

Sometimes you can not get a vacation withpleasure, because you are not accustomed to this. For something to work out well, there must be a skill. Only naive people think that you can start a new life on Monday without doing anything on Friday. Absolutely any project and even rest requires preparation. In preparation for active rest, you can not just buy a sports cap or a subscription to a fitness club. If you are going to lose weight, then do not eat before this for a month, convincing yourself that during the holiday, all the correct.

Are you going to spend 3-4 hours in the winter forest? Start to walk at least once a week on one of the two days off. Let a short half-hour walk will be a part of life for you. Otherwise, even an hour in the forest will seem to you an extreme, and not a rest.

Rule number 2. Begin preparing for a new regime in advance, including an element of rest or activity in everyday life.

Be realistic

Your vacation plans may not be realized,because you set yourself an objectively inflated goal. Do not flatter yourself: it is impossible to make time for vacation absolutely everything. Discuss your plans for vacation with a close, who know you well: they will be able to say exactly what is feasible and what is not.

Rule number 3. Planhorosh, only if real at this time and just for you.

We fulfill our plans

Perhaps in everyday life you are not bored with laziness and "crooked mood", but the fulfillment of what you have planned for your winter vacation is very important for you.

Make a list. Let it be detailed. Yes, of course, you remember by heart what you are going to do in a moment, but written words have more chances to be realized.

Select the best time for each item and the most convenient combination of cases. Be sure to leave the windows to take care of your favorite (spa trips, massages etc.).

Constantly dismissed cases often cause concern, which prevents.See yourself a question: what are you risking, if you still do it? Maybe it will turn out that nothing! Then all obstacles on the way to the implementation of the plan will be eliminated.

But sometimes it happens that the vague negative hasreal basics. For example, you understand that the reason for your unwillingness to walk around is the lack of a suitable company for these very purposes. Here it is necessary to train yourself not to walk, but to solve the problem of loneliness.

Or, on the contrary, you realized that the company you climbed out to go to the gym does not suit you (boring or highly developed competition, which you very quickly get tired of).

Getting to the root of your unwillingness, you will certainly find a solution to the problem.

Make a compulsory list of what youyou will win by fulfilling all your plans, and also draw up a parallel list of what you will lose if you really are too lazy. Often it happens that we can not really and to the very least end evaluate all the advantages of our plan. When you compare all the "pros" and "cons", he often all the advantages and disadvantages acquire an obvious form. And you will be able to decide exactly what you need to do during your vacation, and which you completely refuse.

Finally, it is worth noting that in fact"Just laziness" does not happen. And do not shout: "Sometimes it happens! I'm the most lazy in all the world! ". Laziness, as a rule, does not need to be fought at all. The main thing is to find out its causes, and then directly eliminate them. Only after all this, the desire to constantly lie on the couch during the entire holiday will certainly pass by itself. So, if you really suffer from this "disease", which does not absorb your winter vacation, do not think that something will change in the summer, and it's not a fact that you will spend your next summer vacation on the couch. It's not at all the time of the year - it's up to you. That is why, first of all, fight with yourself and only in this case your holiday will be fun and memorizing.

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