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Lamps in the interior: types and rules of choice

Required and functionality of light. Each lamp in different rooms carries its own function. Some of them brightly illuminate the place where guests are located, muted lamps are used when watching TV, softer lighting is intended for a bedroom. The distribution of luminaires should be such that the maximum emphasize the advantages of the premises, change the perception, while not creating glare and a sharp transition from light to shadow. It is very important that illuminating devices create harmony with a coroner. But do not forget that the lamps were safe, especially in the premises where the children are. So, lighting educators are designed to perform very important tasks. And not a simple matter is a selection of the right fixtures, if you take into account that variety, they are on sale at a gallop.

Used lamp lamps are twoTypes - incandescent and luminescent. The flared metal filament gives bright illumination in incandescent lamps. However, such lamps serve not for long and do not differ in economy. Lamps are filled with an inert gas and when the current is applied, an arc discharge is formed. As a result, the tube, which is evenly covered with a layer of phosphor, begins to glow. Such a lamp is good to illuminate the hallway. For the living room, ceiling lamps, such as chandeliers, are suitable. It is also possible to illuminate such a room locally. It is not entirely possible to light a bright bedroom. Here you can use the lighting of table-like bedside lamps or sconces installed on the wall. The same lighting of the bedroom can be done through ceiling lamps that have diffused light. By the way, the floor lamps, for example, floor lamps, will look good in the bedroom. For the children's room, it is advisable to make both general lighting and illumination for the desk, a junior.

Raise the appetite and create a cosiness for the kitchen yellowLight incandescent. It is desirable to illuminate the working area of ​​the kitchen with luminescent lamps. Bathroom and a single room. Here you need to use lamps that have protection from dampness. A sharp difference in brightness and lack of lighting can weary your eyes.

In general, lighting can be divided into several types - chandeliers (ceiling), wall, floor, table. In decoration, it is best to use all kinds of lamps.

Lamps for the ceiling - hanging, built-in,Fixtures-soffits and fixtures-plafonov.Vysyachie lamps are traditional, suspended on wires, chains, etc. The main representative among these fixtures are chandeliers, which can be represented as fixtures-plafonds. Their main difference is that they are attached to the ceiling.

Spotlights are considered to be swivel lamps, theyGive the effect of narrow-beam lighting mounted in the ceiling. Wall lamps are called sconces. Usually the light ceiling formed by the sconce is directed parallel to the wall and up and down. This type of lighting is very suitable when zoning space of premises.

Create a muffled and soft light you canFloor lamps, which gained their popularity a few years ago, but are very relevant now. They are mounted on the floor, and with their help an unusual atmosphere is created in the interiors.

Intermediate between the floor andTable luminaires are floor lamps, the fashion for which is rapidly returning. And table lamps are the most popular table lamps of all times. They can be carved, painted, with pendants and various ornaments.

Unlimited in the forms of lamps - fromOriginal floor to multi-colored lamp balls for various interiors; From futuristic floor lamps to elegant high legs, giving the atmosphere of bohemia; From intricate wall sconces of douilly-made bedside lamps; From amusing lamps for children's rooms to luxurious and extravagant chandeliers; From table lamps to strict professional. All this diversity makes it possible to make your choice original and optimal for any interior, which can be supplemented with an individual with the help of the assortment that is presented today's sale. All these lamps occupy a well-deserved place in the residential and modern decorated fashionable premises, and in administrative buildings, renovated according to the latest word of avant-garde fashion.

Luminaries in the room must be in thisQuantity, which will allow you to perform all the necessary goals and tasks comfortably. If there is no beautiful and correct lighting, any, even the most tastefully arranged interior, will not look in the corresponding way. The light should match your vision. It's not a secret for anyone that improper lighting contributes to the deterioration of vision. Especially it concerns jobs and children's places.

Lighting the apartment must be correctDesigned, as if completing the organization of the interior. After all, the light in the apartment is comparable with the air, which though imperceptible, but necessary, but with all this should be clean and pleasant. Light is rightfully called the crown of design. Any room, whether it's a private house, an office or a concert hall - has its own aura, sensed at the subconscious level, and it will tell you exactly the direction that will create a comfort in your living and workplace. The choice is yours!

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