/ How to visually enlarge a room

How to visually enlarge a room

Visually raise the ceiling

There are effective methods by which you can visually create the illusion of a high ceiling. Different approaches are used for this.

  • If the ceiling has a glossy surface,Then visually it will look taller. Therefore, if your house has low ceilings, then paint it with glossy paint. You can make a glossy stretch ceiling instead of painting, in which built-in point lights are installed. Large chandeliers in a room with low ceilings eat up space.
  • Multilevel gypsum plasterboard ceilingThe design also visually "lifts" the ceiling. In this design, the grooves need to be made darker than other parts of the ceiling. Gypsum board construction will create a visual illusion of a high ceiling.
  • To visually increase the height of the ceiling inLiving room, ceilings in the neighboring rooms (in the kitchen and hallway) should be done a little lower. Then looking into the living room from the hallway, the impression of a height of space and a larger volume will be created.
  • The most win-win and radical methodIncreasing the height of the room is to cover the ceiling with a mirror surface. Thanks to this option, an illusion is created that the ceiling goes up.

Color Effect

Problems with limited space can beEffectively solve with the help of different colors. In small rooms, designers recommend the use of light colors. For example, light pink tones, beige, pale-lime, soft blue tones. In a word, for a small room, any pastel palette is suitable, the main thing is that it does not irritate the eye. If you want to use bright contrasts, flashy colors / or heavy dark colors in a small room, then you need to be extremely careful.

Different colors can achieve different visualSensations. For example, it is known that the blue color visually removes objects a little. Then the kakorange color, on the contrary, visually approximates objects, in fact, any other warm tones. If you want to create the impression of a large space, with no loss of a sense of comfort, then you should stand out from warm and bright colors. For the same purpose, designers do not recommend using large drawings for walls.

If there are wallpapers on the walls, then you need to know how to properly combine their various patterns of flowers:

  • Wallpapers of different colors, divided by a border, make the room narrower and smaller.
  • If there is a large picture on the wallpaper, this will significantly narrow the space.
  • If the wallpaper is solid with a vertical strip, then they visually make the room higher and narrower. This effect creates a wallpaper with a monochrome vertical pattern.
  • Multicolored wallpaper, as well as if there is a curb along the top edge, the room will appear smaller and the height will be lower.
  • If on one wall there are wallpapers with a large pattern, and on other walls wallpaper with a smaller picture, then the room will visually expand.
  • Single-color light wallpaper or with a small pattern can visually enlarge a small room.
  • If you want to revive a dark room, then use the following advice: on a less lit wall, apply a wallpaper of the same color as the wallpaper and on the other walls, but only the tone is lighter.

Spaces are Uprikala

A proven method of expanding any roomIs the application of mirrors on the walls. If you use this technique, you can achieve the desired effect, but special care is required. You can of course trim one wall of the room with large mirrored sheets. However, it is worth considering that then the room will be more like a dance hall, only without a ballet. That's why, if you want to use mirrors in the decor of the room, then for the beginning, invite the designer and consult with him regarding your decision to use mirrors. The designer will tell you how best to make a mirror wall, moreover, he will tell you how to soften it with a cloth to create a sense of transition to another room. But in this case you will have to get used to the fact that your guests will always look in the mirror at their reflections, thus distracting.

By the way, "push" the wall can be anotherWay - you can use a false niche. Doing it with this is not necessarily deep. The depth of the deepest niche is enlarged by the illumination, which is directed to the wall, located along the contour. Such a reception will give a niche a certain volume, visually increasing the space of the room itself.

We will occupy the floor

Due to the floor, you can also increase the spaceSmall space. Here, the same laws and rules are used, as for walls: the bright sex visually increases space, and the dark floor reduces the space. If the parquet or floorboards are placed longitudinally, this will visually extend the room. For the extension of the kitchen, you can use glossy plitkuvvetlyh tones. The light that will reflect in it, fill the kitchen with air, makes it brighter and easier, which makes it seem more visually.

If the parquet is light and lacquered, thenA massive carpet that covers the entire floor area is not recommended. In this case, the designers are advised to lay a small mat, preferably a gentle shade. The combination of the light-colored floor, ceiling and walls visually increase the room. And in order to add space to the space, the floor can be illuminated, for this purpose the lower illumination is used.

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