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What kind of wallpaper to choose for the kitchen?

But all the tasks, even the most difficult, have a solution,Let it be quite difficult. Determine what kind of wallpaper to choose for your kitchen, you still have to, you only need to competently approach this choice! Pay attention not only to whether the wallpaper will fit the interior, but also on the quality, you also need to take into account the features of your kitchen . And how do you choose the wallpaper? In this we will help you figure it out.

What do you still have to be wallpaper?

The correct answer is quite close. As we have already said, the wallpaper must match the kitchen, but they also have to satisfy some requirements.

First of all, kitchen wallpapers should beResistant to moisture or exposure to steam. This property is called moisture resistance. Selected wallpaper must necessarily have a water-repellent coating. Simply put, should be washable. Votvam and the first clue when choosing: wallpaper should be washable, resistant to kapar, fat or water. Also, they must be vapor tight. This means that the walls on which the wallpaper is glued must dry completely, as a constant accumulation of moisture can cause the appearance of such trouble as the crook.

The second requirement is light fastness. This means that the coating should be immune to light, since the kitchen is one of the most luminous rooms! The final requirement for wallpaper for the kitchen is that they are firm and dense. After all, everyone agrees that it is very easy to accidentally damage the wallpaper with a knife or a plug. Tight wallpaper and stand up.

Types of wallpaper for the kitchen

It seems that the main requirements for qualityDetermined: wallpaper should be tight, steam and waterproof and light-resistant. So, how to choose the necessary texture? There is also a sea of ​​options:

  1. Wallpaper made of textiles and wood,E of natural materials. They will be strong, green, and practical. In addition to the high price of this type of wallpaper there are no shortcomings. The price, let's say straight, bites well. That's why not everyone can afford to buy such wallpaper.
  2. Washable wallpaper. These are duplex, that is,E two-layer wallpaper, which have a latex coating. They are great for the kitchen, because they have moisture resistance, so you do not need to wash the walls too often. This is the cheapest kind of kitchen wallpaper.
  3. Very popular wallpaper that you can paint. They have a non-woven or paper base, and their top layer is made of foamed vinyl. They can be repainted many times, they are easy to clean and they have high density.
  4. Wallpapers with silk-screen printing. This kind of wallpaper has a top layer of silk threads. They do not burn out, they retain color for a long time, they are very durable. Look elegant!
  5. Wall-papers vinyl, consist of 2 layers, as well as wallpaper for painting. They differ only in that they have a ready drawing. Their cost is not too expensive.
  6. Have admirers and wallpaper, although theyNot very popular. But if you decide to buy photo wallpapers, then approach it with all responsibility. Remember that wall-papers are suitable for a spacious kitchen, without variegated colors and lots of furniture.
  7. This innovation of interior design, as wallpaper-pictures was suggested by artists from France. They are sold complete with pictures, which you can glue the formed spots.

What does the designers say about this?

Always worth paying attention to the recommendations of designers. What do they advise? What color and wallpaper do you recommend?

For several seasons in the trend remainMonophonic wallpaper. They are laconic and not screaming, they allow to focus on furniture, original accessories, decor. Solid wallpaper - this is a beautiful background for beautiful curtains, furniture and other kitchen decorations.

Monochrome and bright combined wallpaper. You can buy wallpaper with various interesting prints. This option is best suited for the kitchen with simple furniture and will help to divide the room as if into zones. The main thing is that wallpaper with patterns and bright prints were just an addition, not a foundation. It is still desirable to choose wallpapers that are identical in quality or even one and the same manufacturer.

There is also a kind of wallpaper thatImitate, for example, bamboo, wood, ceramic tiles. These wallpapers are always in high esteem, the main thing is to use them and correctly introduce them into interior design. With their help, you can achieve a wonderful effect, and also save on natural materials.

The wallpaper on the kitchen theme is an eternal classic. If they are performed in the style of still-life pictures, then they are perfect for the kitchen of the classic style. For the kitchen in the village style, wallpaper with pastoral motifs is suitable. For the kitchen in the style of the French bistro will suit wallpaper, which depicts coffee beans or cups. If you want to use pictures, but you can not buy wallpaper of this type for any reason, then use a border with a picture. The designers are not advised to use too large a picture. Such a circumspectly reduce the space of the kitchen, which is unlikely you will like it!

If you come to the right choice of wallpaper, youIt will be possible to change the interior of your kitchen to unrecognizability! Be careful, follow the advice of specialists, and you will not guess! After all, the comfort and beauty of your kitchen largely depends on the chosen wallpaper.

Remember that you can not rush to buy the firstLiked the wallpaper. Go shopping, see all the options and choose the most suitable. Try to choose such wallpaper, so that they have served long and efficiently.

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