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Loft style in the interior

Loft style and concept

This new style is called attic, and notLooking at this loft - this is a new concept in the organization of the interior space. The absence of isolated rooms creates the appearance of separate rooms by conditional division into functional zones.

The concept of the loft concept consists of featuresOpen plan. Partition walls are not practical, zoning is achieved with the help of textures and color building materials for ceilings, floors and walls. For example, if the walls are executed in brick tones, then the bedroom is finished with plaster. Apothecary beams and bar counters can indicate the boundaries between the room and the kitchen. Zoning is also achieved by partitioning rooms with a mobile partition (screen, shelves, furniture).

Loft style is its features

Application of the loft-style interior impliesA large amount of light and air. Spatial and design characteristics of this style are emphasized by the volume and the immensity of housing, and the main features that create a visual space are:

  1. Absence of bearing partitions
  2. Ceiling height, which is sometimes above 10 meters
  3. A huge area, which can be from a few hundred to many thousands of meters
  4. The width of the windows, in some cases the whole wall

The design of the loft is similar toCharacteristics of minimalism, i.e. All should be at a minimum - little furniture and decor, with all the maximum openness in space. A distinctive feature of the loft is its elegance and sophistication. This is facilitated by furniture presented in a minimal amount, and the emphasis is on attention to it. Most of the space should be like a background for the style of the loft. A sofa of immense size, for example, may well be the only attribute of furniture in the room. However, it must, without fail, be attracting attention with its brightness and extraordinary shape.

In this case, the windows must be up to the floor in order toThey could see the whole natural landscape. Curtains that interfere with the access of light are absent. This also applies to transparent tulle. The windows are designed in loft style only with vertical and horizontal jalousie.

Fakturadel for interior decoration is the selection of the mostModern building materials. They underscored by the modernity and their incompleteness visually impart a special color to the whole picture as a whole. For this, nuances are used, such as naked bricks, uneven plaster, etc. Smoothly painted or brickwork walls, plank floors and beams on the ceiling will create the desired effect of modern or antique furniture with unpretentious and rough workmanship. Agree that the main feature of the interior of the loft is the comparison of the old and the avant-garde, which creates a sense of visual provera.

Accessories and furniture

The peculiarity of the furniture included in the interior isThe main stylistic concept, ie, the minimalist refinement. Proceeding from this, the furniture should emphasize the spatial openness and at the same time it (the furniture) should be in the center of attention. It's surprising that the furniture of this style, being noticeable and bright, should seem to be in the general space dissolved. With the help of what do such controversial effects occur?

This is explained not by the attachment of furniture to the walls,With the help of which the border in the room is not emphasized. As an exception, in this case there may be shelves of the hangouts located on one of the walls. The rest of the furniture is presented in the viewers and with the ease of moving individual items. An example can serve as an armchair or hangers on wheels, a folding chair and table, a long, curving sofa. An obligatory element of antique furniture of this style are elements made of metal structures or finishes. There are in view of the chrome frames for installing racks, bed and sofa legs of metal, baths of cast iron and much more. Furniture in loft-style apartment, for all this, should combine incongruity of materials, whether plastic with a wood, stainless steel with a fur, expensive cloth with synthetic fibers.

Always bright and stand out should be the colorFurniture, preferably one color. Unusual and a variety of shapes - it can be rigid and curved cubic shapes and at the same time rococo style. The underline of the unity of style is due to the fact that the furniture is made using the same elements of decoration, which gives the loft-style interior an unusual and unique appearance. And this, in turn, contributes to the peculiarity of accessories. Completely lacking the usual wall panels, pictures in expensive frames, family photo galleries. It affects the number and variety of accessories, which consist of advertising posters, road signs and tablets, in short, from everything that surrounds us in everyday life.

Of course, the use of familiarElements of decoration, but they must correspond to the general concept of urbanization. The picture, for example, must be abstract, the photograph - black and white, with the city's landmark imprinted on it, the vase must necessarily be massive. The location of the paintings is also quite extravagant - they are not nailed to the walls, as usual, but are propped against the wall, with the focus being on the floor. Soft padded stools and various baubles, emphasizing the enthusiasm of the owner of the house, will also bring liveliness and a pleasant atmosphere to the loft style interior.

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