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The right combination of colors in the interior

In the color wheel

To choose the right combination in the interiorColors, it is desirable to know the basics of color theory. Primary colors are known - yellow, blue, red. These colors are originally found in nature and, most likely, that's why they serve as the basis for other colors. If you mix these colors, you get the second color - green, purple and orange. Thanks to the further mixing of the main and secondary colors, new colors, or more precisely, six colors, are obtained. Having arranged these colors in a certain order, you can get a color circle from twelve color sectors. It is worth noting that in each individual color sector with color you can experiment almost endlessly, getting more and more new shades, adding black and white colors in different ratios.

In the color circle, all colors are divided into 2 groups -Cold and warm. Warm colors are shades from yellow to red-violet yalogo. Cold colors are usually called shades from purple to green with shades of yellow.

Warm colors are often called approximations, soAs the surface, painted in these colors, visually seem closer than at the bottom. Cold colors, respectively, are called removing, because the painted room looks more spacious.

The color wheel helps you easily createCombination of colors. Neighboring colors, as well as similar colors are considered harmonious, moreover, they act soothingly. However, an academically correctly chosen color solution will look monotonous and boring. The most ideal combination is a harmonious base with the addition of contrasting strokes of reasonable amounts.

There is one more method - to use paints, inWhich contains a few monocycles with each other are not mixed (multicolor colors). These colors can create a smooth combination of colors. For example, selecting the color of the walls for furniture, a set of monocolors includes the color of furniture and shades, harmonizing with the furniture set. This makes it possible to pick up a color for stentaca that would not merge, but also did not contrast with the general situation.

Thanks to modern materials, you can createTexture surfaces. The textured surface is an interspersing of small droplets, which are usually painted in different colors. Such paints are considered a universal background, as a rule, in such a background different decorative elements of the interior fit well.

Choose a color

The choice of the color palette is usually affected by the function of the room.

For example, if the living room in a manor houseServes for a large family a permanent place of stay, it is better for her to choose those colors that contribute to a relaxed atmosphere, relaxation and a good mood. In this case, golden, gray-blue, yellow-green, gray-green colors (ideally will harmonize the colors from small to medium saturation) are ideal.

If the living room in the mansion or cottage servesUsually for the rest in the evenings and / or the reception of guests, then a good color solution will be saturated colors, which contribute to the festive mood. For example, such colors are blue, purple and purple.

A bedroom is a place to relax, in whichTo be an atmosphere of tranquility. For this room the warm yellow tones and the chilly blue are the most suitable. If the bedroom is also a working space at the same time, then it is preferable to prefer light gray-blue shades or gray-green (in general, you can use any neutral colors) that promote mental employment and focused work.

All children like bright saturated colors. However, for children it is better not to use them, since they strongly affect the psyche and tire the child. For children it's better to take muted tones - white, light green, blue, gray, ocherous. In the interior of the children's room you can include brightly colored furniture, covers, bedspreads.

If the room is for the elderly, thenThe color gamma should be in calm tones without sharp contrasts. Give preference to the green, gray, calm brown and beige tones. The same colors can be used for the cabinet.

Hall in most cases suffers from shortagesDaylight, so it is better to use a light color palette for this room. It is also better to take light colors for the hallway. If the walls of the hallway are covered with boards, it is recommended to preserve the natural shade of wood.

Kitchen is better to paint in a bleached blue colorIsine-green. These colors give the impression of coolness and spaciousness. In the event that the kitchen is combined with the dining room, then the green and blue colors are recommended. Kitchen equipment and furniture of light colors will shade the darkphone, so that the room will visually look elegant. Wood is often used in decoration of kitchens. Light boards on the walls, good to be combined with wooden kitchen furniture, dining room and decorative utensils, bright dishes, kitchen accessories made of colored plastic.

The most modest size in the room always hasA bathroom. For this room will fit clean, diluted colors - blue, turquoise, lilac, pink. In such a room, the glazed tiles of rich red, blue and black colors will look extravagant.

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