/ How can I visually enlarge a small room?

How can I visually enlarge a small room?

How visually in the sizes to increase a room?

In this case, you need to know the principles of design:
  • Large objects can reduce space,
  • Contrast spots can reduce space,
  • The more objects in the room, the less space appears,
  • A line can break space into parts.
  • Dark color reduces space, and light color increases it.
Based on 5 principles, we will tell you how to visually expand the room.

1 st council "light colors"
Dark and bright colors reduce the room. To do this, use light colors. For this purpose, you can use pastel colors - white, light blue, cream, light green. These colors will make the room cozy. Wallpapers that visually enlarge the room - light wallpaper with a small pattern.

The 2 nd "more light" council
Your room will look tiny if itsWill not be visible, because the light is everything. In a small room you need a large window, good lighting. Well put the floor lamp, and the light from the floor lamp will reflect off the ceiling, thereby the space will expand. It is better to use fluorescent lamps for this. From the big light the room will look more elegant and more.

The third tip is "use mirrors"

Mirrors are used in shops, cafes, restaurants. Using mirrors, it seems that the hall is huge, but in fact, there simply hangs a mirror in the wall. You can use this trick.

4th floor and ceiling board
Very often when repairing the ceiling and the floorPay less attention, to some extent they also walls. They too should be light. But if they are shiny, with the help of stretch ceiling PVC or shiny tiles and light, then the room will be several times more spacious.

The 5th Board of the "Curtain"
Nothing should block the path of light. Of course, the window can not be left without curtains. Just for the window you need to choose something more airy and transparent, rather than curtain the window with a thick tulle. Curtains should not contrast with the ceiling, the floor and the walls. A small living room will visually enlarge a large window.

The 6th Council "The Destructiveness of Contrast"

Contrasting spots eat up part of the space. The main thing is to observe the color balance. From the room you need to remove all the dark and bright spots, even if it is your favorite great seat of your great-grandmother. Nothing should stand out, no upholstery, no curtains, and so on.

The 7th Council "get rid of large sizes"
In a small room, there can only be a large window. The room will look tiny if the space is occupied by some huge table, a closet or a huge bed.

The 8th Council "do not clutter up space"
Superfluous things will make the room small. Unnecessary trifles need to be hidden. On the surfaces in the room, nothing should stand and lie. If you decide to "extend" the kitchen, then you need to clean the dishes and small household appliances. If these items are lying in a conspicuous place, then there will be a feeling that this has nowhere else to put.

9th Furniture Council
Try to push the furniture to the wall, thenThere will be enough room in the middle of the room. Furniture should be low, not high, because high objects divide space into parts. It will be good if your furniture "lets in air", when in the furniture there are carved doors of drawers, handles of sofas, backs of chairs. Deaf surfaces on furniture reduce space. Visually increase the room glass surfaces, cabinet doors and countertops.

The 10th Council "use pictures"
Hang a large photograph or picture on the wall. The main thing that it was not contrasting, not too dark and at the same time beautiful.

The 11th Council "Avoid complex drawings"</ Span>
When choosing wallpaper or furniture you need to stopChoice on a monotonous simple drawing, it visually expands the space, does not detain the look. Complex and large drawings do the opposite and reduce a small apartment.

The 12th Council
"Little trick"</ Span>
A small design cunning, you need to drawAttention to the far corner in the room. In it you need to put a beautiful statuette, flower or floor lamp, then this thing immediately attracts the attention of the incoming, as a result of which his gaze rushes into the distance. It seems that the room is long. Window, paintings, floor lamp visually increase the living room.

In this way, you can expand your own space. It's nice to be and live in a spacious room. Spacious and pleasant life.
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