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How to choose furniture in a nursery

Ergonomic location

What can not but rejoice - no longer necessaryWorry about where to get it, because the choice of furniture is now simply huge. Shops, design solutions and catalogs are everything you can desire. The main parameter when choosing is the area of ​​the room and how many children live in it. Children's room should be more spacious, regardless of how old the child is. Free space must be at least half a room.

It's easy to realize if the roomIt is intended for a babe: a changing table, an arena, a chair for the mother - and the room is ready. What if the child is intended for two schoolchildren? In this case, the output will be the use of ergonomic furniture, such as fold-out beds, bunk beds, built-in wardrobes. Each child needs his own separate place for study, a hobby and sleeping place.

One of the most common solutionsIs the partition of the room into various sectors, such as gaming, sleeping, working. This can be done with a screen, cabinet or blinds, as well as various finishing materials or color solutions.

Age of child

The child's room must "grow" with it. Every 4-6 years is completely change the furnishing and decoration of the nursery. A small bed is shown as a "lorry", a computer desk replaces a box with toys. This can often become a stumbling block between parents and children, as parents naturally want furniture to serve as long as possible, and grown-up children want to change the situation, so as not to be embarrassed by the too "childish" room for them. You should remember this by buying a car bed or a child's "princess suite". At the same time, you do not need to go to the other extreme and get furniture "for growth" - a baby who tries to borrow a bed that is too big for him looks defenseless and feels extremely uncomfortable.

As soon as the child reaches preschoolAge, in the nursery to place a table, a bed and a chair, corresponding to the growth of the child, a wardrobe for clothes and a cabinet for handicrafts and books. It would be nice to have several drawers or boxes for toys and a wallboard for teaching purposes, a puff or an armchair for guests. It should be remembered that high-quality lighting is required, not less than two light sources, one of which can be a chandelier, and the second one - a night lamp. When decorating a room with floor mats, wallpaper, design lights, etc. Focus on the fact that it is the children's room.

The interests and needs of the child

When choosing furniture for placement in a nursery,It should be consulted with the child or think for yourself what he would like. If a child likes to look after plants - find a place for a shelter with flowers, if you try on outfits - then you should not forget about the mirror, if he dreams about how he will become an athlete - then get Swedish Wall. It is important to equip a place to work at the computer properly - the required height, a special chair, a bed with an orthopedic mattress.

Conformity with the national requirements

The furniture that you want to buy for a child,Must be safe and reliable. If the child is young, it is necessary to take into account his hyperactivity, because of which he tries everywhere to climb, climb, try for strength. Try to take such furniture so that the child does not injure himself.

Do not ignore the materials used in the manufacture of furniture. Do not forget to look at the documents that confirm that this product meets all safety standards.

When choosing a color palette, you should avoidToo bright colors, such as the flashy pink, scarlet, poisonous-green, gloomy combinations, like black and red. It is better to take some light, pastel colors.

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