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Interior in the Mediterranean style

The main characteristics of the Mediterranean style of the interior

  1. Furniture made of low wood, combined with forged items.
  2. Decoration of windows using curtains made of muslin.
  3. Open shelves are freely available for easy viewing.
  4. In the dining room, the use of cane furniture.
  5. As for various pillows, bed linen and all textiles in general, hand embroidery is used.
  6. The covering of the floor can be made in the form of wooden boards or in the form of a tile of a terracotta color.
  7. Decorating the dinner table and pillows with capes made in the form of simple garters.
  8. The use of "earth" colors for the interior of the Italian character, as well as a combination of morskyhottenks, to give the interior a Greek style.

How appropriate is this style for you?

This style is perfect for people living inA beautiful old house-mansion, or in a house where the bright sunshine prevails in all rooms. Also you will approach the Mediterranean style in the event that you are an adherent of the direction of the country, but at the same time you would not want to create a less colorful and more spacious option. Ideally, this style will suit people who adore the holiday, a cheerful atmosphere and inefficiency.

In the event that you live in the side, where there is littleSun, and the rooms of your home are often in the shade, the Mediterranean style is completely counter-indicative to you. Especially, in this case, the tiles on the floor you absolutely will not be delighted.

Color spectrum

To create the most recent moodVivacity and interior, where each corner is filled with light, the palette of transparent shades will perfectly suit. And to create the best feeling of comfort and exquisite comfort, it will be more preferable to use tonalian colors.

Consider some of the tips that you will find useful when choosing colors:

  • Decorating a living room in Mediterranean style should be in such a way that there are three basic shades, which are certainly used for walls, floors and various furniture.
  • Creating an urban Italian interior, you can apply a variety of all similar shades in tone.
  • Decor in the form of a Greek interior implies the use of a white color in priority, which, in general, performs a function of the phone for brighter elements.

Greek style and its color gamut

In the Greek palette is not such a great choiceThe white, as well as turquoise, sky-blue and pinkish color, characteristic of the bougainvillea plant, predominates. This combination of colors creates a summer atmosphere and the feeling of the sun all year round. To similar shades are perfectly suited plastered in a chaotic order, painted with the help of a paint and a bleached floor covering.

Color gamma of Italian style

The palette of this direction carries with it a massenergy, as well as the sun and the warmth that nature itself gives us. Similar colors remind olive groves, shades of ripe wheat, and also terracotta shades are used. This palette can perfectly illuminate the room, which was found to be a sunny presence, as well as to give a soulful atmosphere. The palette of the Italian style is perfect for painting on walls, floors can have terracotta tiles, as well as ordinary furniture, for example from pine or oak, or wares.

Wall decoration

Mediterranean style assumesdecor in the interior of the housing space to use textured and matte surfaces for the walls. They can serve as wallpaper or wooden panels, which are found only in elite hotels. Italian living spaces, as a rule, combine a variety of textures, for example, such as tiles, made in the form of mosaicibo decorative wall painting in the technique of fresco.

Tiles are a must-have forfinishing of the walled room, and also using the tiles decorate and part of the kitchen, a so-called apron. Preferably to use painted tiles, moreover, hand painting is used. This style is also applicable to bare bricks, specially left in kind, or their imitation. It is worth noting that it is necessary to apply bricks very carefully in the decoration, the main thing is not to overdo it. For example, with their help you can draw a part of the fireplace.

Finishing for floors

Without a tile, like finishing the floor, there is no way,choosing a Mediterranean style in the home interior. More often in the use of terracotta tiles. To have legs warmer, you can create a floor with heating, or just lay a small Indian rugs.

You can also use laminate, butOnly in this case, if an option is chosen that is closer to natural material. In this style, as a whole, only two materials are used on the floor covering, which gives the impression of a unity of space.

To give the interior a bit of a holiday, you canperform the floor in the lobby with the help of a mosaic, which can be either monochrome or imprinted, while having different pictures. Excellent white laminate, which will ideally be combined with light walls, which will help to reflect the light more abundantly, and will also add a mood of elegance.

It is also worth noting that carpets of soft fabrics, as well as the wool and velor are absolutely not relevant. It is possible to apply carpets having a functional surface, but in the form, for example, of coconut fiber.

Features of the use of textiles

In the Mediterranean interior, such an element astextile has a function no longer of decor, but rather of a functional nature. Very popular is the use of classic lace and white starched cotton. Crochet is used as a decorated cape for pillows, in quality cloth, tracks. It is important to remember that everything should be in moderation, and lace too.

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