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Biedermeier style in the interior

History of the origin of the style

The origins of the Biedermeier originated in the distantNineteenth century inGermany, and the name was given to this style in honor of the famous poet Ludwig Aikhrodt, who bore the pseudonym Gottlieb Biedermeier. He had one interesting personage - a school teacher from the provinces, who differed in his philistine tastes, philistine interests and was completely satisfied with his life. This style has firmly established itself in Austria and Germany, both in everyday life and in art. The weight of the paradox is that in Europe and to this day belong to the Biedermeier style with some kind of irony, it is thought that the style is designed for people with low aesthetic demands and low taste qualities.

In Russia Biedermeier appeared in the era of Pushkin. And although philistine philosophy of this style almost did not correspond to the mood of the era, in Russia the Biedermeier style was reflected in the interiors of noblemen 's houses, manors and even cottages of kings.

Biedermeier changed the pathos style and became established thanks to the comfort, home amenities and comfort.

Strictly speaking, this style appearedThanks to the search for simple life truths and values, tranquility and tranquility. And in the future, this style has become an example of how for lack of large cash, you can recreate a concise, true interior.

Modern embodiment of style

Almost the majority of apartments in our countrySmall areas, but they all meet the requirements of the Biedermeier style. Therefore, this style is very popular today, however, only in Europe. In our country, he has not been accepted and understood yet, treating him with a certain disdain, calling him a German or petty-bourgeois style.

However, do not assume that the Biedermeier styleDoes not represent any artistic value. Biedermeier includes not only neutrality and modesty, but also stability, which many have to poke. Biedermeier is not at all a tasteless philistine style, which lacks an aesthetic component, modern artists and designers use them quite well. In this style, make up living quarters - apartments, houses, hotels, cafes and restaurants. In addition to modesty, the style brings coziness to any setting and allows you to make the room homely and lively.

Style space

Biedermeier is a democratic style that does notPresents some requirements for the size of rooms, the shape of doors and windows and the ceiling height. Interiors made in the Biedermeier style can not boast of luxury. They are rather neat, laconic and intimate, they combine equal proportions, imperturbable tones and soft forms. Maximum simplicity, minimum decor, bright light and space - all this helps create a climate of peace and material prosperity.

Standard interior solutions in Biedermeier style are as follows:

  • Use light warm colors (yellow, blue);
  • Finish make any color, but it is necessarily monophonic;
  • On the walls draw a simple pattern or a thin strip;
  • Focus on furniture and bright color elements;
  • The floors are made of wood and are covered with monotonous carpets.

Furniture style

Furniture of this style should be as clear as possibleMeet their requirements and have functionality, practicality and comfort. After the appearance and subsequent distribution of Biedermeier, all furniture was distinguished by the impeccable quality of carpentry, which can not be said about modern furniture. Skilled plywood, now - veneer, emphasized the beauty of the color of the tree and its texture.

In the heyday of the Biedermeier era dressers, cabinetsUmyvalniki were the most popular of all furniture. They differed in smooth lines, lack of decor and maximum simplicity of forms. At the time very common was furniture with a lot of functions. The tables with folding table tops, sliding tables, folding chairs were noisy. The sliding sofas at that time were especially popular, and the glass showcases became fashionable elements of the interior.

Furniture of the modern world is quite consistentStilubidermeyer, because its main motto is practicality. Select among the whole variety of certain features of such furniture is almost impossible. Its main feature is the unification of styles. The combination of styles of such furniture can be attributed to the merits, as it corresponds to all aesthetic requirements and creates a certain comfort. We can say that all the stylized furniture of our time, this is a Biedermeier style furniture.

Style Details

In addition to the unique finishes and practical furniture,Stylebidermeier is another distinctive chart - a few decorative elements. Usually these are simple enough watercolors, souvenirs and various figurines. For the Biedermeier style is characterized by the presence of a large number of photographs that are hung on the walls and put on chests or shelves in special frames.

Velvet curtains on the windows, a large numberFlowers on the sill, spacious fireplaces - all this is an integral part of the interior, made in the style of Biedermeier. By the way, it would be superfluous to recall that the Biedermeier era was able to give us special items for indoor plants, which are called jardinierkami in another way. And despite this, Biedermeier is against any excesses in decorating the interior.

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