/ How to spend the weekend in the winter?

How to spend the weekend in the winter?

What are the ideas for a weekend in winter??

Many of us, from the very first days on skates, do notbecame, some do not know how to ride them at all. It's the most time to spend a weekend with your family or with your friends on the ice rink. For this, skates are not required. In our time, almost all rollers have rental items. This active pastime is useful and suitable for lyudvozrasta. At the rink you can meet little children, and enough old people. That's why, no matter how old you are, this kind of entertainment is definitely worth trying. Believe me, impressions from skating a lot. Here you can feel like a child, play catch, try to master simple movements on skates and just get the pleasure of quietly rolling out to beautiful music. In addition, spending the weekend in winter in this way, you get a double benefit - getting pleasure and health benefits. Nakatke, by the way, you can meet new friends.

If you want to experience something new, you canTry to master a snowboard (snow board). It represents a board with rounded ends, also with mounts for the legs. This board allows us to go down the snow from the slopes with a breeze. The main skills that a person must possess for successful descent are the ability to drive a load and keep balance. It is also wonderful to spend the weekend snow-covered weather, going down the slope on a snowboard. This kind of sport is able to give a lot of new impressions. Young girls will appreciate this amusement to the subjugation. To master the skills, it's enough to just take a few lessons from a specialist, professional coach. You will see that, having mastered the board, you will regret that the winter is coming to an end.

Walking on snowmobiles at weekends in winter is alsowill leave you a lot of impressions. This is a beautiful photon background of the landscape, hot tea, shish kebabs. This is driving at full speed, conquering the hills, overcoming the debris, which seem completely impassable. Such weekendzimy indifferent will not leave anyone. They will be remembered and discussed quite often.

Also it is good to spend the holidays with the family or withfriends, skiing. This is not only useful for our health, but it also brings a lot of pleasure, raises the mood. It is good to purchase cross-country skiing for ski races in nature. It does not require large financial investments, but requires a wide range of people. Each person can move in his rhythm. Some can invest in full to get as much load on the body, others - slowly, considering the surrounding nature. This is a wonderful pastime, the color appears on the cheeks, the figure is pulled up.

Other options for a weekend in winter

For trekking in caveasima is the besttime. In some caves can only get in the winter time. The fact is that the water level in the caves falls, it becomes dry there, and you do not feel such large temperature changes as in the past. It's time to do speleology in the winter, if you have long dreamed of seeing the underground world with its silence and darkness.

A great idea to spend a weekend - skating withslides. Stock up with sledges, ice caps, tubing or just a piece of linoleum, take a family and friends and hurry up the hill. This is unforgettable, childhood is remembered. Such entertainment in the winter can become permanent - a sense of speed, flight, burning cheeks from the frost. Also a lot of laughter and fun, hot tea. All without exception after such a spent weekend are left content. And how good after that sleeps!

On a sunny winter day, when there is a lot of snow and nottoo cold, you can spend the weekend in the winter out for a picnic outside the city. You can build a fire, cook shish kebab and other delicious fowls, make snowmen or build snow fortresses. Especially this vidotdyh will be unforgettable for kiddies. After building snow locks, arrange the game with snowballs. Divide into two teams, each of which must have its own castle or fortress and arrange an attack with snowballs at each other. Fresh air, cheerful laughter, delicious food and excellent sleep are guaranteed to you.

When, as not in the winter, it's time to visit the Russianbathhouse? Well, if such a bath is in the country. Roasting with oak or birch twigs, hot tea with herbs and diving is snowing - also a great way to spend the weekend. Such a weekend in winter it is recommended to organize once every two weeks. The skin will then be in excellent condition, and the immunity will rise.

For creative people who love their own handstinkering, fit the organization in the output of the competition. For example, the most beautiful snowman, the best snow figure, the best bird feeder, the most original felt boots ypres. You can also build a children's town from the snow with your children and color it with your gouache. This lesson will please the children.

This is not all the ideas of the weekendin winter. Do not forget that in winter it is good to visit the pool, go to the theater, to a concert. Look around, tense your imagination and then your weekend will become rich and interesting, despite the fact that winter is on.

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