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Interior and signs of the zodiac


The best option for the rams will be the classicstyle. Cream and brown shades of furniture Isten provide peace of Aries, however, you should abandon the red, because this color is a strong irritant and can cause aggression in Aries, which is easily "ignited". The best solution for the floor in the house of Aries is the parquet, as the tree is ideal for laying. And of course, you can not do without a soft air mat near the bed. Lush curtains of warm cream shades will be a wonderful addition and create an atmosphere of coziness. The final element in the design should be accessories that have a high aesthetic fullness, as the rams are true connoisseurs of the beautiful. That is why in the house of Aries in sight should always be bright, stylish and beautiful products.


Taurus will feel more comfortable inhouse, equipped with "country". Furniture, in general, is better to choose wooden, because it not only meets the high standards of quality that makes the people of Tselitsa all the same, but also will perfectly fit into the rustic style. The color solution for Taurus, as for Aries, provides soft pastel colors, but at the same time they can be combined with bright orange or light violet shades.

The style of "country" can not be imagined withoutfragrant wildflowers that create a joyful and harmonious mood not only for the Taurus itself, but also for the guests of the house. To achieve maximum comfort for Taurus, place in the living room a wide-screen TV and a large dining table. For such a lover of comfort, you should very carefully equip the bedroom, in which the central place should be occupied by a soft, spacious bed.


The design of premises for such people should beslightly unfinished, to give them a place for fantasy and change. Do not be surprised if you meet in the room Gemini unusual combinations of decor elements from completely different styles.

Gemini is difficult to resist the modernfurniture, which at the same time should be multifunctional and foldable, able to quickly change its shape. This also applies to domestic appliances. For Gemini, there will be a close individual exotic style, which with age will change in the direction of the classical.

The color solution for representatives of this sign of the zodiac should consist of bright sunny tones.


The most successful for Cancers will be the choicerestrained, but at the same time, enough saturated tones. The shades of furniture brown, blue and dark pink color in combination with air transparent curtains and decorative elements will create an easy romantic atmosphere. Most of all Cancer will suit French style, but nevertheless, the style of "country", with its traditional coziness and natural natural materials, can also be quite appropriate, creating the necessary atmosphere of a warm harbor.

In the kitchen you can put a good table with a fancylace cloth. In the living room must be a place for a large soft sofa, where Cancer can relax and relax from the worldly bustle. The sight of Cancer is sure to please art photography, paintings, various crafts and souvenirs.

a lion

Lions are great admirers of classics. The atmosphere of luxury and wealth helps to create spacious windows and doors, expensive exclusive furniture, wide curtains and, of course, glitz in all. By and large, the more the Lion's house resembles tsarist senates, the more comfortable and comfortable he will feel himself.

Saturated warm colors will be an excellent solutionfor any Lion. It will perfectly feel surrounded by contrasting noble colors such as blue, beige, brown, chocolate, white, red itracacot.


Virgos do not like superfluous pretentiousness, therefore designtheir homes should be distinguished by practicality, a kind of minimalism with straight lines and forms. The planning of the Virgin's home should be as much as possible thought out, rational and functional.

Virgo have good taste, therefore in designThe rooms must adhere to the harmony of color and style. Choosing a warm range, adhere to the brown shades, and in the cold gamma, give preference to blue and gray flowers. Minimalism reflects the interests of Dev as well as possible, the emphasis on rationalism will be emphasized by high-quality household appliances.


The scales will feel comfortable in a calminterior, where they are in harmony with the atmosphere of freedom and ease. Libra is difficult to determine the composition of the Sostileum, so their room can easily combine the classic English style solutions and the originality of high-tech. Let Libra relax and feel the comfort of home warm cream on the walls. But this does not mean that it's worth limiting ourselves, since the cold range of colors, represented by purple, gray, light pink and blue, will also be appropriate in the house of Libra. In search of natural beauty, Libra will certainly be delighted with fresh indoor flowers that will bring an unobtrusive emphasis to the atmosphere of the home.


Representatives of this sign of the zodiacrequire emotional support, which they will provide bright juicy colors of warm colors. It can also be shades of orange, peach, terracotta, even red. At the same time, it is impossible to fill the dwelling with exceptionally bright colors, in order to achieve harmony, it is necessary to balance them with calmer pastel shades, and the same red contributing the house with accessories and decorative elements. Individuality in the design of the apartment will emphasize the strict classical furniture. Despite the love of fiery flowers, scorpions are attracted by the theme of the sea. Successfully fit into the design of Scorpio's room trinkets, which remind of rest not the coast of the sea or the ocean.

In the house of such a person there is always room forrack or original shelf. To fill the Scorpio's house with comfort, the furniture should not only be stylish and modern, but also original, and also comfortable to use. The most important for Scorpio is the place where he works, so one should be especially attentive to the arrangement of the office.


His home just needs the presencemodern effective furniture and mobile home appliances. Sagittarius often choose things, the design of which allows you to change the shape or they are easy to move.

For Sagittarians important space and cheerfulThe atmosphere that can create walls and decorations, made in warm or sunny blue, green colors. Due to its originality, Sagittarians tend to change the direct meaning of familiar things. They are hardly suitable for the rigor of the classical style. It is possible that a shelf for books will be used for storing shoes, and in the middle of the living room it will be a big dress.

The best decoration for the house in which he lives Sagittarius will serve as souvenirs from different parts of the world.


The best option for arranging an apartmentCapricorn will be a classic style. Neutral colors of furniture will successfully emphasize the black and white gamma of wall decoration, while the dominant color may become saturated red, blue or green. They will look fine among the general classical style.

Since Capricorns love a lot and work hard,then, undoubtedly, an important place in the design of a dwelling should be given to the working cabinet in which Capricorn should feel particularly comfortable. And to dilute a fairly strong style, use indoor flowers.


To create comfortable conditions forrepresentative of this sign, you should fill the house with sunny, cheerful colors. The best is able to express the creative exploration of Aquarius avant-garde modern style of "high tech". Making out the dwelling, Aquarius should not lose sight of the small things, so that all the objects in the house are harmonized in style, otherwise the comfort situation will not be achieved.

But on the other hand interesting, unusual solutionswill help emphasize the individuality of the home. Fountain for imagination can be accessories, original pieces of furniture or bold color combinations. The main thing is that it does not reduce such an important space for Aquarius and uncluttered the house with unnecessary things.


Pisces should be preferred to exoticstyle, which will create a mysterious atmosphere of the eastern tale. On the other hand, the country style of "country", which creates the warmth of the home's heart, can also become quite suitable.

Beautiful exquisite furniture, soft carpets andblankets, original curtains will certainly make the life of the Fish more comfortable. They should avoid the dynamic straight lines in the interior, but instead choose smooth rounded shapes combined with cold shades on the walls. Furniture should be of high quality and functional, preferably of calm pastel shades. Unusual exquisite souvenirs and ornaments will help to emphasize the individuality, but there should not be too many of them, otherwise the highlight will simply be lost in this mass of things.

Tips for building a house in accordance withOf course, your zodiac sign should not be taken as an unshakable truth. Focus on your taste and mood and do not be afraid to experiment, because views vary depending on education, the environment and many other factors. Nobody except you will understand what will cause a feeling of comfort and comfort, which is necessary for any home.
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