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Pitfalls of a holiday novel

So how to have a good time and not go home with a broken heart?

The first thing you can not do is set the goal: under any conditions, get a novel. Everything will happen as it should happen, in general, enjoy the beach, the sea, rest.

Remember that in the first place, people whoGo to the resort for love stories, should themselves fully realize that this relationship and the time spent in the resort itself is only a pleasant pastime.

It is necessary to know that the relation to the resort novel for a woman of men is significantly different.

As a rule, men only needAdventures for some time, they want to unwind, distract from life. Their swords are light, even if they develop in an easel without any obligations.

The woman thinks differently, in her opinion sheDeserve even a small piece of happiness, and wants to prove to the man that it is the most-most. It can from one beautiful night to grow in her head a whole novel and remember it for many more years.

A man is everywhere and everywhere a hunter, hisThe goal is to win the woman, he wants to prove to her his worthiness. Therefore davaytevozmozhnost for a care, display, allowing yourself to love, torment waiting.

But there is nothing worse for a woman than the time whenOntomitsya, looking around and catching men's views, looking for immediate relationships. These ladies rush into the pool with their heads, just hearing the first compliment to the restaurant.

At this stage, we would like to evaluate all the negative and positive aspects of such a relationship in order to evaluate our mental strength, and, if necessary, pacify the desires.

What are the positive aspects of holiday romances for women?

  • The resort is a daily holiday. This is a chance for a woman (as a man) to become what they have always been in the soul - generous, witty, gallant, passionate. However, for some reason, in reality, one does not get to express oneself: it is expensive, it is difficult, and even zates life. And the resort can play one, long-thought-out role.
  • Rest - a lot of romantic svidaniy, beautiful emotions, romantic trips by boat and meetings on the shore of the sea.
  • You can flirt without thinking, speak to yourself all that you just want. Nobody will check it!
  • Perhaps that holiday romance will be the beginning of this genuine love, or maybe, just so you will find your destiny.
  • If on holiday the relationship with a man will be successful, you can find a new stimulus in life, you will overcome the annoying office depression!
Let's list the negative aspects of such relations:
  • Adventures at the resort can ruin a relationship with a loved one or husband. Do not need to talk about your new relationship to your girlfriends.
  • To my great regret, you can meet on the beachesNot only of romanticism, but of married swindlers, thieves. They can catch you, peephole the head, and then just live at your expense or worse - rob.
  • With reckless relationships, you can return home with a senereal illness or a pregnant one, so you should always be protected.
  • Sex without love can seem vile, you do not want to meet your eyes, it will be empty in your soul, you want to throw it all away, cut it out of your heart ...
  • However, sex in love can leave a heavy residue, so do not take the holiday romance too seriously.
how interest A man?
  • Flirting with a cute stranger, do not go to the first evening for a cup of coffee in his room and do not call to him. We must first understand who you are dealing with.
  • With a resort romance you can be selfish. You can only think about yourself, about what you want is you. You can get from a temporary partner that you want (attention, gifts, sex). But the main thing is not to let him get too close to the soul.
  • Until you know your new friend well, do not take seriously all his promises to marry you, divorce your wife. If it really happens, it will be a pleasant surprise for you.
  • Be able to have fun, be merry! Attend with your new guy parties, discos, tours. Let you be direct and easy for him. Look for new topics for conversation and general hobbies.
  • It is generally accepted that girls do not buy love,but they buy souvenirs, clothes, perfumes, pay in restaurants for dinner. Votov men professionally play the role of passionate lovers who prepare their beloved flesh before the end of vacation. In a relationship you do not need to let this happen, remember, only a man should take care of.

How to decide on a new relationship?

If you can not decide to continue, thenit is necessary to stop the relations that have already begun during the rest. Tell your new family that you spent a chic time with him, but your romance is completed together with the end of the rest, there is no hope for continuation. The reasons need not be explained, and you should not have feelings of guilt.

But if you strongly fell in love and you do not leave the feeling that without this person you can not breathe, then how to survive separation in this case?

The only problem is that from the place of your romantic days on vacation you will have to leave for different cities. And you suffer that fate has given you happiness from afar.

And that's the farewell on the platform, gentlekisses and promises. It was over, and you were left alone. You want to constantly cry, and constantly scroll memories, remember the native face. Every woman at this moment wants to know what he is experiencing, is it difficult for him as well as you, or "What if he has already forgotten about me ?!"

In order not to lose optimism, you must follow the rules:

  • The first rule: do not think about the bad. Even when traveling to another city by train, do not miss, take an interesting magazine or a collection of non-jokes to get your mood up.
  • Do not include melancholy music about parting,love. We must believe that you have no cause for sadness, it's okay that such a good relationship has ended. All your kisses and words were sincere and proceeded from the very heart.
  • It is not necessary to build a wall of distrust - it will be even worse. Just talk about feelings yourself, without condemning it. He will see what you are worried about, what you are living through.
  • We must behave with dignity. Do not need to call first, nikudon will not be lost if he really loves. Communication should be positive: do not worry and ask "Do you still love me?".
  • Live in your own pleasure: arrange holidays to relatives, get acquainted with new people, take a great interest in a new hobby, do work or study.
  • Without separation, there is no meeting. Think and believe that your love will pass the test of time.

But in any case, do not regret the resort romance, do not feel guilty or vicious, that succumbed to temptation. The search for love is a constant mistake and a test.

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