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Choosing an electric kettle: difficult and simple

Not surprisingly, many users believeThe best choice of stainless steel electric kettles. You can buy them at any nearby household goods store, because there is a shortage of such things a long time ago. In addition to the case, you should pay attention to the following important detail - the volume of the kettle in liters. Currently, manufacturers offer a variety of devices, ranging from 0.5L, but the most popular was the capacity of 1L. It is on this scale that today most models are designed. In the event that the family is large, it makes sense to buy an electric kettle, designed for 2 liters, which in one heating can provide about 30 mugs of tea.

Do not forget that the solid volume hasThis side: for heating 2 liters of water you will need more electricity, so it will not be economical to purchase a large-volume kettle on a "that was" principle. If you are not fond of regular receptions of guests, but on some day you will have a lot of them, it will be easier 2-3 times to boil an electric kettle of a smaller volume.

In addition, it is worthwhile to think about theThe heating mechanism will become the most suitable. It is believed that an open spiral heats the water much faster and lasts much longer than the version in which the spiral is sealed under a thin layer of stainless steel. In fact, this is an erroneous statement, moreover, in the care of the second option is incomparably simpler - any dishes for boiling have to be washed regularly, and the electric kettle is no exception. It is easy to imagine how much easier it is to remove scale and wash a smooth, even coating compared to a twisted spiral. This is precisely one of the reasons why the first type of devices are becoming more defective.

The next parameter when choosing is power. Electric kettles with a capacity of 1000 W are brought to the boiling point of 1 liter of water in about 4 minutes, while devices in 3000 W will be able to handle this work in just 60 seconds. Many consumers still believe today that by taking a kettle for 1000 watts, they will save money on electricity. But this is far from the case, because the technologies do not stand still, and if you recalculate the power for the time of work, then it turns out that the work of a 3000-watt kettle saves up to 20% of electricity.

The only thing that can be "painless"To save, so it's to buy a kettle with a regulation of the temperature of the water heating. The modern electric kettle Vitek, for example, not only has a temperature control system that helps to bring already boiled water to the desired degree, but is also able to maintain a given level of heating, which allows you to keep water hot 3-4 hours without power.

So, to choose a kettle to your liking and real needsToday is not so difficult, because manufacturers are constantly taking care of meeting the requirements of the most demanding users. In addition, new technology in many ways they contribute to this.
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