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Living room in minimalist style

Minimalism in the living room

The interior of the living room shows others what kind of people live in the apartment, their way of life, nature, habits, tastes.

Minimalism, as it is already clear from the word, isUse in the room as little as possible furniture and utensils, some crazy decor, but without loss of comfort, convenience and functionality. Minimalism is preferred by people simple, not prone to big tricks. For example, this is an excellent style for a young family, especially if there is a small child: and a room with taste, and the baby will be where to frolic and demonstrate the first steps, and you can play in the nursery.

The style of minimalism dates back to the 1920sThe last century, it was formed due to a combination of Japanese style and functionalism, taking from them the best. It seems to be so simple: put a minimum of furniture and all, enjoy. But in fact, it is this style that requires a lot of thought, down to every detail. The most important accents, which you should pay attention to when creating an interior in the style of minimalism are: layout, lighting, color and shape.


Perhaps the very first and basic thing that is necessaryDo it intelligently to plan space in the room. This style is suitable for large rooms, usually living rooms, but if you own a modest room, then you have to reschedule the room, removing unnecessary partitions, to create as much space as possible, which will carry a sense of spaciousness and airiness. Perhaps even connect the living room together with the kitchen and or from the hallway. Windows with this style are not curtained with heavy curtains, but left open, allowing the light to fill the space. But if you want to hang on the window blinds of transparent fabric - they will be almost invisible. Massive chandeliers and sconces, as a rule, are not installed in such rooms. Instead, they use simple, inconspicuous, inconspicuous but stylish fixtures. The ideal solution is built-in lighting. Not superfluous will be glass partitions. In combination with a light ceiling and floor, they will create a feeling of constant space and flight. Separation of space in the living room in minimalism is carried out with the help of playing color of the floor, furniture.

Color and material

The basic color in minimalism is white andAll light colors that allow you to expand the space. To emphasize the color can be strokes of gray, black, blue, red, orange or yellow. Also, you can revitalize and make interesting the interior due to a bright table top or bright decor, but not an artsy, but simple, for example a picture, a vase with flowers. Also perfectly complement the palette of minimalism natural colors of wood and metal. Therefore, in such living rooms will look great fireplace or decor of natural untreated brick, wood trim. Glass table or metal legs of chairs, shiny floor, mirrors - all this creates the effect of airiness. As for the floor, it is usually made of as large as possible in the area of ​​the boards, so that seams can be seen as rarely as possible. No matter how you decide not to use the color in the living room, you should remember the rule - minimalism style does not accept more than 5 colors in the interior.

The form

In this style, the living room should contain furniture,Devoid of curved lines, various curls or ornament. Here only clear geometric forms are run: rectangular cushions, cubic-shaped chairs, in a word everything that has corners and clear lines. The color of the furniture should also be light colors. The ideal solution in the style of minimalism is furniture-transformer. Closets are used closed type, which all hide from the eyes, including the technique. Also in the living room, all the wires are hidden.

The main advantage of minimalism is itsUnkindness. With the help of the right approach and thoughtful details, you can create minimalism in any room. He will always please you with his comfort and practicality.

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