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Fashion for bed linen

Next season.

According to statistics, 95 percent of buyersBed linen - women. Nevertheless, there are traditionally female colors, and there are - male. Men prefer "geometry", women - a flower theme. As for the color of the laundry, it all depends on the nature of the person. Sometimes blue, brown, black - like male tones - women choose, and soft pastels - white, champagne, coffee with milk - men.

In the coming season, the ethnic andA floral theme - especially large blurred flowers scattered across the diagonal field, and oriental jacquard patterns will be fashionable. "Geometry" will be in demand - strict lines.

In the color range, the top will be dark colors - black, blue, silvery-gray and brown. Trend of the season - the color of "mocha".

A fairy tale for the night.

Abroad, their color options prevail. For example, a duvet cover with a table of Mendeleev or with a printed large print "Fairy Tale for the Night", which can be read before bedtime, or sewn ... apron - for those who like to eat in bed. There was linen - "snag" - with the image of a sleeping puppy on a blanket or lying girl, as well as underwear, imitating. .. "iPod", a wrapper from chocolate, a can of sardines, an oven and a washing machine. Designer Eric van Loo created a truly strange kit. The sheet resembles a dirty paving slab, and the blanket and pillows are cardboard boxes, under which a homeless person usually sleeps. At the peak of fashion, linen "3D". When a flat image is applied to a fabric, but a three-dimensional image, and you are inside the picture.

Money, cards, two trunks.

Its fashion for the coloring of children's underwear. These are, first of all, drawings of bunnies, bears and heroes of popular cartoons. According to the world standards, for the young children on the linen they are blurred watercolor drawings, otherwise the child will be distracted by them and will not fall asleep. For older children, on the contrary, the picture should be clear and brighter. It's not only the teenagers who have grown up from cartoons but have not yet entered adulthood. Sometimes children's kits are actively bought by young men. For example, bed linen with a picture of a princess in the form of a joke was bought as a gift to a friend, so that he would not be so lonely.


Unusual bed linen came up with us, inRussia. Together with the Institute of Colors, original patterns were developed, with the help of which a psychotherapeutic effect on a person through color appears. Green and blue - soothe, red - excites (remember the famous portrait of Marilyn Monroe, lying on red velvet), orange - lifts the mood, grassy - causes craving for sports, lilac and light purple increase mental activity and help concentration. Lingerie is accompanied by aromatic oil, which supports the "color mood". So, perhaps soon we will have less suffering from insomnia and more of those who do exercises in the morning.

We choose correctly!

* Raw cotton has 75 (!) Varieties and subspecies, but the best and most expensive is considered to be Egyptian.
* Look at the underside of the linen: if the yarn is uneven in thickness, there are knots on it, linen will not last long.
* If the color of the underside is yellowish, there was no preliminary bleaching and the paint was applied directly to the "stern".
* If the colors are muted, dirty tone, then applied the pigment dyes, they lose their color after several washes.
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