/ / Marine style in the interior: original photos and useful recommendations for the design of the design of the premises.

Marine style in the interior: original photos and useful recommendations for the design of the design of the premises.

This style has a lot of variousvariants, starting from the interior of naval origin, which includes dark blue tones with white elements and up to the interior of avant-garde origin, made in the form of the sea coast with the presence of tones of azure and gentle blue color, as well as various shades of pebbles and sand. Such an interior will create you a mood of mysterious adventures and will give you a lot of pleasures.

Distinctive lines of maritime style

  1. Carpet with a clearly expressed texture, made in neutral colors, or bleached or painted wooden boards.
  2. Imitation of the cladding of a real ship with the help of a lining.
  3. Highlighting the simplicity in the decor with the help of light curtains, all kinds of shutters or blinds.
  4. Elements of decor in the form of pebbles and shells to create a mood of the sea shore.
  5. Wearing in the form of sun-burned furniture by treating the bleached substance with painted furniture.
  6. Use of bright simple colors, in the priority of which blue and white shades should prevail, as they are a key palette of this style.

How appropriate is this style for you?

You love, coming back from a rest, to bring withare the elements of the sea compositions as souvenirs and at the same time you are encouraged by marine art works? If so, then the maritime style is definitely right for you. In case you think the sea direction is too screaming and pretentious, this style is totally counter-indicative to you. Also, you will not be comfortable with the sea style if you do not prefer blue-white flowers, considering their presence in the interior boring.

Colors of marine style

Seascapes are a key componentThis direction, because of which the shades of blue, green, and also all possible neutral colors of different saturation predominate here. Gammu sea shades can be divided into two types. It is important to take into account individual preferences, because someone is an adherent of traditional shades, and someone likes to experiment with the most flashy and catchy color combinations.

If we consider the traditional directionmaritime style, for him the contrasts of classical white and dark blue tones are more characteristic, which can also be supplemented by accents of a vivid character. Creating an interior of the ditched variety of sea direction, it will be sufficient to be guided by several color contrasts, for example, three or four. In a similar color range it will be appropriate to enter the exquisite classics or the spirit of the seaside. Ideally, it will look like carpet, made in a sand color scheme or it can be different shades of cream. Also suitable and an accessory form of curtains with stripes or all sorts of silver elements.

As for the modern marine directionThis style should use more different shades here. It is worth noting that the transitions between the colors should be measured. Carefully applied white color, only to create an image of the open sky. The actual addition will be whitewashed furniture with the help of special compounds. Also used is the classical floorboard, and the perfect complement will be the muslin curtains.


There are three basic rules for decorating walls,which will add to the compliance with this direction - this is the use of textured paint, coarse plaster and lining. Walls should not contain drawings, while having a smooth surface. It is permissible to use some ornaments only in decorating the border.

To decorate the head of the bed or areafireplace, as well as for finishing the walls in the hallway, but up to the height of the socle, you can use the carriage. The same can be repeated with respect to the kitchen and bathroom, where the lining will also be relevant. For the maritime style, the organic surface for walls is a painted brickwork made from bricks, as well as coarse plaster.

Decoration of the sexes

There are lots of options for designing floors inbut there is also one clear rule: the floor should not attract attention to itself. A similar style implies the presence of subtle surfaces, it can be, for example, a laminate, a surface made of natural wood, like a whitewashed oak or a pine. Perfectly suitable and carpet, consisting of a shorn or twisted nap.

Sex can also have a cell content orvarious cell patterns, and also have elements of curb decoration, for example, in videna stamping shells or sea stars. It is important to avoid such drawings of nastenah, because the maritime style does not welcome excess.

The use of textiles in the design of marine decor

This direction involves the use of rough and strong fabrics, often monochrome, with the addition of rare, discreet strips. The interior is ideally suited for rough cotton or unbleached linen.

It will also be actual to use corduroy,organza or quirky fabrics, because they perfectly form the tropical image of living space. The picture should be on the tissues of symbolic subjects, in the form of anchors or various sailboats. It is also worth remembering that the sea style does not tolerate excessive combinations. Everything should be in moderation. The same applies to symbols, for example, the presence of various drawings made on curtains should not be profuse, since this will transform the style you chose into a type and faceless. Let's pay attention that the abundance of drawings can only come up for the children's room. As for the rest of the housing, it is definitely worth sticking to the measure.

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