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Bedroom interior in white and blue color

Bedroom in the color of the sea

The palette of blue color is various. The combination of blue with cold shades of the base will result in a color close to indigo, and a combination with a warm base will give the color of ultramarine or cobalt. Playing with color you can get completely different results. So, the bedroom in blue tones will soothe and dispose to rest. The choice of the smoky blue palette will need to be diluted with white color. The color of the aquamarine will be to tranquility and tranquility. The dark blue color is unobtrusive and helps create a refreshing interior. Lavender shade allows you to create a cozy rural house. And if you decide to make a bedroom with a gray-blue color, then you will be transferred to the 18th century - the time of the Scandinavian Gustavian style.

The shades of blue can easily be combined with others. For example, the smoky blue color perfectly combines with a sandy-yellow, pale-green or with a pale violet-pink tone.

White on blue or blue on white, what to choose?

For some reason it is believed that if white and blueColor - it must be a bathroom. But strangely enough, the blue and white combination is perfect for a living room or a bedroom. The interior in white and blue color helps to make the space spacious, bright, fresh and at the same time contrasting.

Blue on white

In this interior, the main color is white,Which is applied to a large surface, such as ceilings and walls. But to make the interior look softer, it is recommended to replace the white with a shade of melted milk or pearl gray. You can also create softness by using wallpaper with a barely noticeable pattern. This move will allow you to install color furniture, because with pure white the blue furniture will look much brighter and the contrast will be very strong. Another touch is the window. They are always painted in white. But in the interior of the blue on white this rule can be neglected and paint the frames in a sky-blue color.

White on blue

This option combines the two primary colorsSuitable for people who want more colors. With this choice of walls, you can paint in any shade of blue you like, since the choice is huge. But wooden elements should be painted white. Professionals believe that using a gray-blue color in the interior allows you to increase the visual space of the bedroom.

Dark blue or light blue

Choosing blue for a combination with white you needDraw your attention to the fact that the dark blue light is very energetic, juicy and the contrast with white is very effective. In the interior, combining white with dark blue, no need to add additional accents. But if you really want, then use pistachio, yellow or orange.

Using in the bedroom interior white withLight blue, you will get a calmer and less contrast result compared to the previous one. This solution will quickly adjust to rest and relaxation. In such an interior, it's also not worth adding extra accents, otherwise the light blue will be lost behind them. If you still want, then you can add accents of vanilla, light pink, beige, light green pearl gray or coffee color with milk.

Creating a bedroom interior in white and blue you needRemember how well the room is lit up. So, for example, do not paint the walls in blue if you have a north side and no sun. In such a bedroom the blue version on white is suitable, and using blue colors will help to revive the chosen option.

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