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Pink color in the interior of the bedroom

Psychology of color.

For some reason, the pink color is tight in ourConsciousness as a symbol of stupidity, naivety, with which blondes are endowed. But in fact, to love pink, preferring it in the interior or clothes does not mean to meet the above qualities. On the contrary, pink is a symbol of tenderness, lightness, femininity, a sense of warmth and tranquility.

Pink color is obtained by mixing two colors- Red and white. Deviations in one direction or another can give us beautiful shades of rich pink, purple or fuchsia, which is important when creating a "pink interior", and all these shades bear a romantic note.

From the point of view of psychology, the use of pinkColor and its shades in the interior helps suppress aggression, quick relaxation and create a sense of security and complete comfort. Psychologists have proved that finding a person in such an interior improves digestion, well-being, sleep, increases appetite, lowers heart rate, pulse and blood pressure. In addition to all this, a person who is in an emotionally overexcited state calms down much more quickly and gets rid of stress. But with all these magnificent positive qualities, pink color and its tone should be used very carefully, as its satiety or the use of too bright colors can too quickly get bored, lead to headaches or depression, and strong people can simply be annoyed. And to live permanently in the "doll house", you know, somehow unacceptable.

Pink color and interior.

In order for pink color to bring joy andCalmness must be properly used. Pink is originally a female color and it is he who is chosen by girls in childhood, and by girls at a more mature age. Usually this color is chosen for the bedroom. For a lonely girl, you can create a bright bedroom interior. But for the family - it's best to create a calm pink interior, as not every man understands this color. Well, to be exact, for a long use of pink interior, it is preferable to use a combination of colors and measure in the brightness of pink and its shades.

So a combination of pink with white or with gentle yellow pastel shades will allow you to muffle screaming romance and create tenderness and coziness in the bedroom.

A very pleasant cozy and warm interior creates a combination of pink shades with brown, beige or cream.

If you want to create an exquisite pink interior, then how exactly will fit inclusion in the interior of gray or black.

To create an extraordinary interior you can play with the texture of the fabrics, the color of furniture or carpeting, and also the selection of accessories of suitable brightness.

If you want to create an unusual andUniqueness then it is possible to connect safely light green, lemon or green color to pink. It turns out a completely new, bright, but at the same time quiet interior.

It is very dangerous to combine with pink color suchColors like bright red, orange or yellow. They should not be combined at all. But if you took a chance, you need to keep the brightness: i.e. The selected above shades should be as bright as the bright pink color you chose.

Use pink in the bedroom, like you.Understood, very insidious. Your choice of the basic tone and the color of the connected shades should be well weighed and thought out to the smallest detail, especially if you have a half. In this case it will be more correct to connect to the choice of a loved one. So you not only create a unique interior, suitable for you two, but also show how important to you is the opinion of the partner.

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