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Chandeliers in the Art Nouveau style

One of the most important aspects in the modernInterior is lighting. It should be properly chosen so as not to spoil, but to complement the elegance of the premises. When choosing lamps for a modern apartment, you should pay attention to chandeliers in a style such as modernism. They fit perfectly into the stylish design.

Among other characteristics of ceiling chandeliersModernism should be noted unevenness, asymmetry of forms. Such chandeliers will emphasize the individuality of the apartment, but will do it unobtrusively. Guests will appreciate them and note the taste of the owner.

Chandelier in this style is goodAn alternative to aristocratic and already stiff classics. Classic chandeliers are mainly focused on creating a solemn, lush interior in the house, and modern chandeliers are distinguished by a huge variety of design solutions and approaches.

It is known that the Art Nouveau style was formed by the endXIX - the beginning of the XX century. Since that time the history of new artistic solutions has begun. Known interesting experiments with the exterior of buildings, and in the interior decoration of houses there were elegant artistic techniques. Over time, the notion of modernity expanded, and nowadays it has become a household name, which is used in relation to various art-decisions that go against the classics. Ceiling modern chandeliers in all its glory represent this direction.

The flow of Art Nouveau is considered a good wayFree designer's experiment, a vivid expression of his feelings and taste. This style fits modern, extraordinary people who appreciate beauty and grace, but avoid pomposity. Modern chandeliers are often created with a light retrospective. In this case, the illuminators can be made in the form of candles and repeat the classical directions and patterns. Designers create chandeliers in a non-standard way, using a variety of tricks, whimsical and unexpected shapes.

Crystal chandeliers in the Art Nouveau style areA kind of intermediate link between modernity and classics. It is believed that the crystal is the prerogative of the solemn house. But in modern, it is combined with creative design solutions, so it will look great on the ceiling, without too much pomposity.

Color solutions used in modern chandeliers,Are very diverse. It can be chandeliers with shades-cubes of monotonous quiet shades, for example, beige, white, made of transparent or frosted glass. Often you can see plafonds in the form of buds of still unraveled colors, whimsical floral motifs, using colored glass.

The modern chandelier will help to easily link to a singleThe structure of the disparate parts of the interior, will give a harmonious whole to the whole interior. When carrying out individual projects, designers often use modern chandeliers, as a missing link. There is no doubt that such chandeliers can be used in a room or house of almost any interior, they are universal.

It is believed that there are no such interiors,Where such chandeliers are not applicable. This is due to the huge variety of their shapes, colors, and so on. Such lamps and chandeliers are suitable for a bedroom, a living room, a corridor, or even a kitchen. The Art Nouveau style is not burdened by ultramodern currents, which are short-lived and quickly replace each other. At the same time, he is deprived of excessive pomposity and aristocracy. Modern chandeliers are universal, thanks to which they perfectly fit both to a chic, rich interior, and to a minimalistic, laconic, functional design.

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