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Blue color in the interior of the kitchen

Orange or blue

Here, for example, does the blue color look likeInteriors of kitchens? Such a question appeared for sure not a single dozen people. In this, by the way, there is nothing surprising, since the blue color is very beautiful and is associated with us with the sky and the sea. And the sky and the sea are rest, tranquility, relaxation. But, after all, many interior design guides say that blue colors in kitchen interiors are not a priority. Often, for the kitchen advise yellow and orange, because these shades affect the awakening of appetite. Of course, this color, the color of the sun, is very beautiful, but do not force yourself and do the interior of the kitchen in it, if you do not have a soul to it. Why then, many believe that color should always act on the appetite. But, on the other hand, perhaps someone who does not want to eat a lot, but wants to enjoy small portions and relax. For them, the blue color fits best.

The important role of shades

By the way, do not forget that the blue colorHas many different shades. And, everyone can choose for himself the one to which the soul most of all lies. If the blue is considered a cold color, then the blue is warmer, soothing. If the color is not too dark, it looks very warm and relaxing. And, dark colors look great in the interiors of a large kitchen, which is also a dining room. In this case, the blue color betrays majesty, especially if the furniture is oak and carved, or elements are made of marble. Then, with the blue color you definitely will not lose.

Blue and wood

Also, in the kitchen interior is often advisedTo combine blue with brown, wood. Furniture, which has wooden elements of natural color, looks very cozy and stylish. In this case, the blue color adds a sense of calm and relaxation, and the brown creates a cozy feeling.

Do not forget about the dishes

By the way, when choosing a color for the kitchen interior, do notIt is worth forgetting that your dishes should not be out of color. Therefore, make sure that your kitchen has cups, saucers, plates and glasses of different shades of blue and blue. They can "divide the area" and with white dishes, but, its number should be less or at least equal. If there is a lot of white dishes in the kitchen, then, it will make the overall feeling of the kitchen cooler, but you need to be cozy and warm there, especially in the winter evenings.

Furniture design

If you decide to make a kitchen exclusively inBlue color, then think about what it should be. Now there are many furniture sets, which differ significantly in design. For example, modern minimalist furniture is dominated by a combination of contrasting shade: very dark and very light. But the classic options, often executed in one color. Therefore, you should immediately decide for yourself what exactly is needed as a result, after all, the design of furniture greatly influences the feeling of coziness. And, as you know, the concept of "cozy" for the milestones of people is different.


And finally, it should be noted that the kitchen is alwaysMade cozy plants. Therefore, if you love flowers and have time to look after them, you should buy plants, flowers of which are also blue and blue. In this case, they will perfectly fit into the overall design and will "revitalize" your kitchen. And then, when the sun's rays fall into your window, you, sitting at the dinner table, always remember the sea, rest and release, relax and get a charge of positive emotions for the whole day.

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