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Red color in the interior

This color is considered active, warming,Energetic and exciting. At penetration it is able to activate all functions of the body. It can increase muscle tension, accelerate the respiratory rhythm and increase pressure for short periods of time. The presence of red accents in the environment gives the person vivacity and improves mood. They associate red with emotions of joy and love. Since ancient times, this color is associated with passion, aggression and fire. In different languages, as well as in Russian, the same word is used to designate the color and "beautiful, beautiful".

Red is the most frank andAttractive, precisely because it is from ancient times is one of the most important elements that accompanies the attributes of power and holidays. In addition, this is due to the fact that the fabric, painted in this color, is expensive.

In the interior of the red color the same semanticLoad. It is used by many design stars in the design of interiors of restaurants, hotels, etc. To attract attention and create a special emotional atmosphere.

It is very important to remember that with red color inInterior decoration can be easily overdone. This will lead to the fact that after a while you will find it extremely difficult to live in a room. Therefore, you need to be very cautious approach to the use of this color, carefully thinking out any small thing.


The predominance in the kitchen of red color will lead toIncreased aggressiveness and irritability. In addition, it visually reduces space. At the same time, red color helps to improve digestion, so it is suitable for interior decoration in the dining room.


In the interior of the bedroom red color is neededUse with restrictions, as it will not help to relax and calm down. However, passionate personalities red tones in the design of the bedroom will serve as an additional element of the process of seduction.

Red deep color furniture and walls, combined with a hot, warm palette of textiles can make the atmosphere of your boudoir or bedroom charming and intoxicating.

However, it should not be forgotten that a prolongedStaying in a room painted in red tones can cause a variety of negative emotions, for example, increase irritability. That is why red color in living rooms is usually used in small quantities. At the same time, some shades of red can give a person cheerfulness and strength. The creation of completely red interiors is the lot of bold designers who want to declare their exclusivity. When decorating a room in red tones, it should be borne in mind that such a room will look much less than it actually is.

children's room

Red cheerful color is quite suitable forRegistration of a children's room, but one should not get too involved and make red dominant - this can negatively affect the child's nervous system.


Enough to look spectacular in the bathroomThe combination of red with black and white. Red color, literally radiating vitality, is a very successful addition to white, which at the same time looks strict and clean. Interiors are also not bad looking, decorated in white-gray-black colors, if you add a few red inclusions to them.


In the office red color will help to createMajestic, regal atmosphere. The interior of the cabinet, executed in the color of Burgundy wine or crimson, looks solemn and strict. A good solution is to add to the interior, executed in various shades of red, a little yellow and gold details - this usually helps create an atmosphere of beauty, power, power.

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