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Room in orange color

Orange in the interior.

Orange color is suitable for creatingInterior. He rather favorably influences a person and creates around him a state of positive, happiness and promotes creativity. As you know, orange color is formed due to a combination of red and yellow. So, from yellow he got to create happiness, and from red - to charge the atmosphere with power and energy. In the orange color, people who want to take everything from life prefer to live. Color has a very positive effect on the person, has healing properties and is therefore widely used in color therapy by psychologists. In addition, the orange color improves blood circulation in the body, increases heart rate and regulates metabolism.

Opinion of psychologists.

From the psychological point of view, the orange colorIs perceived by a person as warmth, sun or tangerines. This color excites the brain, but not as its parent is red. Among other things, orange causes a person to have fun, joy and a sense of well-being, as well as aggravation of all human feelings and improves efficiency. But we must not forget that constant saturation with this color can lead to fatigue, as well as to dizziness.

People who love the red-orange hue stronglyAre active and eager to experience, because orange brings thoughts of adventures, which in fact do not happen to a person. Color perfectly affects the digestive system, slightly increases the pulse and breath, as well as improves appetite. Orange is just a great color for creating an interior.

Interior in the sun light.

Orange refers to the color of a warm shade. Even minor accents of orange in the interior contribute to making the room brighter, which is especially important in dark rooms with a north exposure. Also, orange helps to create the effect of the volume of objects, making them larger than the original or the effect of approximation. This is especially important if the rooms are non-standard or have some defects.

Orange can be combined with almost all colors and shades. And as for styles, it is perfect for creating a country style, high-tech, ethno, pop art or the avant-garde.

Living room.

Do you like to party? Noisy companies? So your solution is to create a living room of the color of the sun. This will only raise your holiday spirit and allow you to fully settle down to rest.


For the bedroom, orange does not fit. He will not promote relaxation, rest and sleep, as it strongly stimulates brain activity. But at the same time, it perfectly influences and tends to intimacy. Therefore, in the bedroom you must observe the orange measure, that is, just create bright orange sun spots against the background of the general color of the room. For example, you can put orange accessories or hang a sun shade. Not the worst solution is to put an orange bed and a blanket on the bed. And the night will be rough and in the morning it will be easy to wake up.


Orange color can only be used inA spacious bathroom, otherwise when used in close, it will further reduce the space and the bathroom will seem quite tiny. It is better to put a tile with orange fragments or to create accents in the decor.


For kitchen orange is just a find. It not only improves appetite, but also stimulates digestion. In the kitchen, it's great to combine orange with dark brown. For example, you can put furniture from natural wood in the orange kitchen.


The children's room in orange is not a good solution. It is best to use pastel colors, such as peach, or add a little brightness and juiciness of mandarin.

Orange color in the interior of your apartment will beImprove the mood of your family. It is not necessary to use only orange color and its shades. They perfectly match with other colors, allowing you to create a comfort so necessary and suitable for you.

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