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Interior in the style of French Provence

Although the interior in the style of the French Provence can be very diverse, but still there are a number of common features.

Interior Features

Mainly, for the provence is characteristicRough plaster, from under which in some places brickwork can be seen. Floors in the room with this style can be very diverse: in the living room and bedroom - from unpainted wood, and the kitchen may well be ceramic tiles. If a homespun wool carpet of soft colors is laid on the floor, this will further emphasize the country style.

When designing an interior in FrenchRustic style is worth paying special attention to the kitchen, because it is she who is the "heart" of the house. The kitchen, designed in the style of Provence, is spacious and bright, because it prepares the most delicious dishes of French cuisine, and at a large table, all the members of the family gather. Often, the bright decor of the kitchen is in contrast to the ceiling beams or dark-colored furniture.


If we talk about colors, they can also beThe most diverse. As a rule, the balance between muted pastel colors (gray, beige, mustard, sand) the main background and bright accents - colorful paintings and fabrics, colorful bouquets. Designers especially like to use a bright blue color (the color of the southern sky or the color of lavender), terracotta (the color of the roof tiles covered by the roof of the house), and the piercing yellow (the color of sunflowers). Of course, the white color, which like no other can shade the restraint of light brown hues and the brightness of blue, is very actively used.


Provence assumes a minimum number ofFurniture, which at the same time must be made only of natural wood - chestnut, walnut or oak. Furniture can be both dark and whitened, it is not forbidden to paint it in bright colors. The main thing that must be observed is that it should not look new. If they just bought it, then it should be artificially aged. For such an interior "grandmother's" buffets and chests of drawers, chairs with carved legs and wide benches are perfect. Of course, this furniture looks very simple, but in its old-fashioned style it looks elegant and charming. To emphasize the style of Provence can be characteristic elements - forged details for decorating furniture. On the veranda or in the common room you can arrange wicker furniture.


Whichever country style interior is embodied inLife, an important place is occupied by fabric, it is important in the French Provence. In this part of France for a long time using bright natural fabrics, as a rule, flax and cotton. If we talk about print on fabric, then the cell (blue or red-white) and the bright floral pattern are especially popular.


Special charm of the French Provence designers achieve accessories. Usually these are forged metal products: an elegant frame for a mirror on a wall or a luxurious chandelier.

Emboding indoors interior in the style of Provence,Special attention should be given to the dishes. The dishes should be simple: the ideal form is ceramic vases that like nothing decorate the room, and the bright faience will look good in the kitchen. And, of course, there is a basic rule of Provence - nothing new. Dishes and mirrors should look as if they served faith and truth to more than one generation of the family.

However, it is worth noting that the style will not beFully maintained, if the interior does not have flowers. On the table, the shelves should accommodate beautiful bouquets of freshly cut flowers or dried bunches of lavender and fragrant herbs. Flowers not only decorate the room, but also fill the room with a delicious aroma that will remind you of the flowering edge of France.

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