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Children's room in a marine style

Children's room in a marine style

Blue scale

This gamma works pacifyingly, because all peopleLove to look at the sea. Therefore, for the bedroom will suit the blue colors. In any room the blue pastel color will bring a coolness. And saturated colors - purple and indigo can be used as bright spots, like a color you can paint one of the walls, or limit yourself with a shade or a coverlet, these active colors can quickly tire out. Mosaic and tiles of all shades of blue are appropriate not only on the walls of the bathroom, but also added in small parts throughout the house.

In the sea interior there is always a place for blueColor, it blends well with white, (remember vest) and beige - the color of sails, ropes and sand. By the way, two or three accessories can be bright red - a life ring or a beacon.


If we are talking about vests, we can recallStrips. In this interior, they belong. You can paint the walls with paint or choose striped wallpaper. You can make wide lines with a roller, and draw narrow lines with a brush. Vertical bands would raise the ceiling. This is not suitable for small rooms, as the strips visually "compress" the space. In this case, it is better to make walls monochrome and light, and in "vest" you can decorate windows and pillows.

The marine theme in the nursery is a great opportunity forFantasy designers. If you mix the shades of yellow, white, blue, you get the original combination, which will be the trend of the season. Opportunities for the decor of the children's room have no boundaries, here are the sea cabin clock, helmets, strong ropes and golden anchors.

All the best we give to children and designers offerFor small children to issue a children's room in a marine style. What are wooden cabinets that can accommodate the children's library, which is so necessary for the curious child. Baby beds can be so designed that they will resemble the steering wheel, and the desk will be a safe deck for your school supplies.

Fantasize over the decor - models of ships,Shells, a rug with fish - this will complement the space and give the sea style a special character. The marine theme for the children's room will be a source of great mood for parents and for children.

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