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Lighting in the children's room

Lighting in the children's room

Carefully refer to the choice of fixtures. The child in the nursery should be comfortable, this is part of his life. The cold and refined laconicity of high-tech is incomprehensible to the pupil of primary classes, but can bring up the taste of a high school student. Children's rooms need special lighting. Wall lamps are more suitable, as they give a more diffuse and soft light. Weak light bulbs are needed for those young children who are afraid of the dark. To perform lessons, read and play older children need good light. There should be several sources of light, for games on the table and on the floor you need a common light, for lessons - a table lamp and a bed should stand at night and so on.

Children are interested in playing under the table, reading forCloset in the corner. Therefore, in the children's room are suitable luminaires with flexible legs, floor lamps with adjustable height, suitable luminaires on current-carrying tires, rotary lamps.

Work desk in the adult study and work deskThe child does not differ in coverage from each other. The rays of light should be directed so that there are no shadows from the figure of the child and from the head. This should be monitored by adults, because children do not notice. General lighting for children is the same as in adults. It can be a light that is reflected off the ceiling or a soft diffused light.

If 2 or 3 children live in a room, you needDivide space into zones, so that children know and understand where "alien" begins. That sisters and brothers do not quarrel and have learned to communicate correctly with each other, it is necessary to divide the nursery with the help of light.

When choosing a lamp it is necessary to pay attention toShockproof. After all, children are rushed by different objects, shoot suckers, plastic pellets, play ball, in general, move. This creates a threat to the life of a glass lamp. Preferably there will be metal or fabric, paper or plastic ceiling. A good solution would be a closed lampshade, if a light bulb crashed during a fall, then the fragments from it would be inside. When choosing a lamp, connect your child, he will live in the room and you need to teach him to make responsible decisions from childhood. The kid needs to clearly explain the task and he will certainly cope with it. Let him choose the lamp he likes.

Recommendations for the coverage of children's

Children need a lamp on the bedside table near the bed, forListening to fairy tales, but not for reading in bed and for preparing for bed. The luminaire can be made in the form of a toy, but its light should be dull and soft, so that at night it can not put the child in a state of stress.

Do not allow direct rays that go from the lamp. It is better to use diffuse light. Children love to look at a light bulb, and this harms the eyesight.

In the nursery there should be a combination of common light, it is given by a chandelier, a local light - a sconce on the wall, a night lamp on the bedside table, a desk lamp on the desk.

Using tips on lighting the nursery, you can pick up the necessary lighting for the child's room.

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