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What pictures can you hang in the bedroom

Picture for the bedroom

To begin with, we suggest examining which picturesCan not be hung in the bedroom. So, pictures with images of the festival, noisy fun, aggressive animals are better not to choose. Looking at the picture, you should feel peace, tender love, quiet joy, bright romance, this is the perfect picture for a bedroom.

For a bedroom it is not necessary to choosePaintings painted on paper or canvas. Unusually and attractive will look elegantly embroidered picture or a picture made by a tapestry. Today, paintings are also painted with colors on velvet, silk and other fabrics. Paintings made in this style will not only decorate your bedroom, but also create a cozy, warm, comfortable atmosphere. For a sleeping room "soft" pictures with the image of the nature always will approach.

When choosing a picture in the bedroomIt is recommended to be guided by your first impression and your sensations. After all, in the chosen picture the main thing is that it evokes in all positive emotions without exception. Therefore, if the picture that is before you repels you, while others admire it, then you do not need to take it, yielding to universal admiration. Choosing a picture of the soul, you will look at it as much as you like, and yet it will not bother you. And the picture that annoys you with your own image, even the most beautiful one, can disturb the atmosphere of the bedroom. Even if something in the picture of the picture of you or your husband is annoying, refrain from hanging in the bedroom a similar picture. In addition to their impressions and sensations when choosing a picture, one should be guided by the features of the bedroom. And of course the place where it will be located.

Pictures for the bedroom

If your bedroom will serveOnly a place of rest and sleep, then give preference to pictures with an image that will create in the room a mood of peace and quiet, a romantic feeling. In this case, an excellent option will be a panel.

But if in the bedroom there will be several functionalZones, it is better to choose several different paintings and hang them in different places of the room. For example, in a recreation area you can hang a picture with an easy plot and created from soft material. But for the zone of "cabinet" it is better to choose a strict picture with a classic and low-key story of a famous artist.

In the bedroom is also not recommended forFeng Shui hang pictures that depict the negative and movement. In the bedroom there should not be paintings with the image of crying, grief, loneliness and sadness. Today, most couples hang pictures over the head of the bed, we do not recommend doing this. The fact is that even the most simple image in the picture during sleep can disrupt human energy.

In the bedroom there is also no need to hang a picture,Which depict the natural elements - volcanic eruption, a hurricane, a tsunami, a lightning bolt, an avalanche. It is known to all that the dynamics and energy of the listed natural elements has the ability to destroy everything in its path, similarly, the depicted natural elements can affect the relationship between husband and wife.

It is also not recommended to hang in a bedroomPaintings on which water is painted, including a clean quiet, and even more so different waterfalls. For the bedroom, ideal pictures are made of stones (preferably of course from semi-precious stones). The paintings made in this style radiate exceptionally positive energy.

Feng Shui advises couples, whatever you areThe picture is not chosen for your bedroom, it must be framed by a natural wood frame. Also on the frame must be a decoration in the form of a butterfly. This frame will not allow you to destroy the harmony and positive aura of your bedroom, even if the image of the picture will radiate a negative.

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